10 Reasons to Choose a Crete Villa Holiday

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So we’ve just come back from our holidays – we decided eventually on an all-inclusive shindig in Tenerife, but for reasons I will get into in another post, we’ve decided that all-inclusive is not really for us. Before we decided on Tenerife, we were looking at Villas to house our huge family in a range of destinations across Europe. Needless to say, we came across some very fancy looking placed and some awesome destinations.

Crete has become a popular tourist spot for two reasons – as a luxurious holiday destination and for being a melting pot of Cretan traditions and culture. Luxury travellers prefer a Crete villa holiday as it is the epitome of class, elegance and style. Whether your chosen villa faces the beach or is located in the town, holidaying in Crete can be the experience of a lifetime.

We may not have gone with it this time, but it remains a definite contender for our next getaway: Here’s why….

Luxurious Villas

Crete villas reflect modernity, class and elegance. Most villas in Crete have access to the beach which makes your holiday experience truly memorable. They are also commonly adorned with wood, stone and tiles, giving a rustic yet modern look.

Crete offers a lot of diversity; so travellers who are looking for a traditional villa in Crete need not be disappointed as there is a lot to offer for all. Crete features an array of traditional villas that are situated in the village with indoor pools and other such luxurious amenities.

Spacious Accommodation

Most luxury villas in Crete are extremely spacious and comfortable. The villas feature a porch area with lush gardens where you and your loved ones can unwind. Crete is the largest island in Greece with a steady influx of tourists and generally, most hotels can be densely populated or too small. Villas on the other hand privacy, breath-taking views and a luxurious lifestyle you would love.

Access to A Private Kitchen

Crete offers the true Greek experience. The Cretan cuisine is certainly delectable where tourists can try a variety of delicious local cuisine.  Moreover, while on a vacation in Crete, you can enjoy the best restaurants and savour their specialities. However, you may want to make your own meal at times which is why a Crete villa holiday would be ideal, since you will have access to a private kitchen.

Luxury villas in Crete also provide the services of a professional chef who can prepare your meals in the private kitchen. Having a private kitchen allows you to enjoy freshly prepared meals according to your tastes. However, not all villas will offer this luxury, so if it’s something you’re interested in you’ll need to do some browsing. One example that I came across is this collection of villas in Crete which offer complimentary concierge services.

Ideal for Groups

Crete is the perfect destination to explore with your loved ones. The island offers a lot of diversity for people of all tastes which makes it a suitable trip for family and friends. Renting a villa for your holidays can also be a smart way to save money. A villa can accommodate multiple people, and with 2, 3 or more bedrooms, your privacy is assured. The total cost of the villa could also be split amongst everyone – saving you money that you could potentially spend on excursions.  

Suitable for Private Vacations

Even if you are traveling with a group, you wouldn’t want to compromise your privacy. Private villas in Crete that are located at a certain distance from the next villa offer unmatched solace, serenity and privacy. Unlike hotels that are always crowded, you wouldn’t have to worry about fighting for a spot in the pool. You can relax without being bothered by pesky children, read a book, get a tan and enjoy a glass of ouzo, whatever you fancy!  

Unmatched Peace

Crete has many open spaces, with several peaceful villas to choose from. It is extremely important to select a villa that is secluded to obtain your wanted peace. The location of the villa plays an important role if you are looking for peace, so this factor is vital in making sure you choose a villa wisely to fit you and your needs.

Traditional Architecture and Culture

Crete is a true reflection of the Greek culture, which makes it such a great tourist destination. Further, if you choose to stay in a villa in Crete, then you will also experience the local tradition and architecture. Most villas are constructed with the intention of keeping the local traditions and architecture in mind.


The Crete villas feature various luxurious amenities. You can enjoy an indoor pool, car parking, a porch area and a garden to relax with your family or loved ones.

Child Friendly

Unlike hotels where children often feel restricted, a villa allows them to have ample space to run around. Children can have fun in the garden or take a dip in the pool anytime they want. Such villas give families the liberty to have a good time, without worrying about disturbing their neighbours.

Close Access to The Beach

Most villas are located close to the beach so you don’t have to commute very far for a fun and exciting day by the sparkling blue sea. Simply grab your gear and head to the closest beach near you. 

Crete villa holidays are ideal for tourists who wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island whilst staying at the very best accommodation possible. While booking a villa for your next vacation, make sure to choose one that suits your budget and offers all those amenities that you desire.




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