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Oh My Blog March

Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!

This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting the wonderful Isabella from Fijian in the UK.

I’m really excited to share this beautiful post from Isabella, in tribute to her late mum Asinate. It made my heart melt the moment that I read it and is so fitting for Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks because it shows just how important it is to remember even the little things about those no longer with us. I love learning about fellow bloggers, and in this instance I am very privileged to host Isabella and her wonderful mum, who may not be with us anymore but sounds like a truly amazing lady.

You should absolutely go and have a look at Isabella’s fantastic blog and follow her on social media… after you’ve read this post, of course.

  • Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!

I’m from Fiji, so even though I have an English first name, Isabella, my late mother had a beautiful Fijian name which if I’m being really honest here, I only appreciated after she passed. My mom’s name is Asinate (pronounced Ahsi-nah-tay) My mom was a banker, she worked in the first unit Trust Holdings for the Fiji Development Bank. Again, I only began to appreciate and fully fathom the importance of her role in the bank, as an adult. As a child I more or less just saw it as a place I could yummy sweet biscuits from in the afternoons. My mom passed after a long illness in 2013 and she was only 64, I miss her everyday.

  • What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?

My mom’s favourite line growing up – Do as I say, not as I do, which was usually followed by the “stare”. And if anyone tries to say that they never got the stare I call bullsheeeeet!!!! Everyone knows that “stare”

  • Someone’s playing your mum. Who is it and why?

Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. I watched it with my daughters and I couldn’t stop laughing because that was just my moms persona all over!

  • She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?

Would be something to do with gardening, for as long as I can remember, any free time she had was spent outside tending her plants. She used to talk and sing to them and apparently that’s why her flowers were always the biggest blooms in the neighbourhood.. Or so she claimed!

  • What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?

Her favourite from the many she liked to tell was the time I got upset with my sister about something. I can’t remember what it was but then to pay them back I decided to run away and find somewhere else to sleep so they could all look for me. I didn’t go far as I really needed the toilet and decided to camp there for the night. It failed because I forgot to switch off the light and left the door open so they found me with my duvet, pillow passed out on the toilet floor… Needless to say I’m not the best person to play hide and seek with also!

  • What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

It’s one of the hardest days for me but I usually spend the day telling my kids stories about my childhood, my mom lives on in those memories and rather than be sad that she doesn’t get to see them grow up, I make sure they get to know her through my stories.

  • What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?

My mom was a crazy rugby league fan, no joke. She would stay up to crazy hours of the night because of the time difference to watch matches. You’d hear her cursing at the referee or cheering for her team! I might add here, my Dad played rugby for Fiji so wasn’t too impressed that she preferred league over union!!

  • What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?

To stand up for myself, she taught me to be strong, to be firm and to always try and empathise for other people’s plights. She taught me to be a decent human being and to be kind above all else.

  • Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?

A (large) glass of Merlot

  • What’s the biggest difference between you and your mum?

We are very much alike in our personalities and a lot of people say this when they see me or meet me now as an adult, but I would say the difference we had is my mom had the patience to give people 3rd, 4th chances.. I don’t. I’m learning to try and always give people the benefit of the doubt but it’s just not happening.

  • Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?

She would have found it hilarious! We would have probably watched it and she would have said, men don’t do any of that in real life and if he does, he has way too much time on his hands!

  • What’s your favourite memory of your mum?

Going to the beach, my mom was way ahead of her time, you have to remember this was Fiji in the 80s and early 90s, she was rocking bathing suits that was considered too revealing and as a mother of 5 children, inappropriate. She didn’t care and used to wear them anyway. I sometimes look at the way I dress and realise I got that quirky and confident style from her

  • What do you think your mum was like as a kid?

Rather bossy from the stories I’ve heard from my aunts and uncles!

  • Cast your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?

Saying I was going to a friends and ending up at a club celebrating with friends and students from the all boys catholic school next to our school! They had to pick me from town and I was drunk.. not a good look!

  • Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?

Travel as much as I can, it’s a privilege that no one can ever take away from me.


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