3 Awesome Activities For You AND The Kids

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It’s summer – that means one thing. You have to now figure out what you’re going to do to entertain your children for six whole weeks. Of course you could plonk them in front of Peppa Pig for 12 hour marathons of it everyday, but eventually that will drive you insane… there are alternatives though.

Having a family can do one of the most fun things that you do with your life, and playing with your kids definitely contributes to that! But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do, perhaps you’ve done something too many times and everyone is getting bored of it, or perhaps you want to try something that’s going to be beneficial for everyone, carry on reading if you need some new ideas that will entertain you as well as your little ones.

Making Food!

It’s got an exclamation point on it because I’m starving… normally, cooking food isn’t all that fun. You get in from a long day at work to have to start cooking straight away, but sometimes on the weekends, or weekdays if you have the time, it can be fun. Get everyone together and decide what you would like to make, once that has been decided give everyone their own role for them to be getting on with. This is good because it makes cooking dinner that little bit more fun, and it sets your children up with skills that they’ll need for later life, you can’t cook for them forever! Websites like Blue Apron have an online cookbook that you can view, meaning you don’t have to go out and buy one and you can access it from anywhere!

Learning Or Perfecting A Language

This can be one of the most beneficial things you can do with your children, if you have the time to do so! For us, we’re trying to get Short Rib to perfect English before we head elsewhere, but we have always wanted to learn another language. If you can get the family together to learn a new language, not only is it fun and offers a unique bonding experience because everyone will have a similar level of knowledge, it gives you and your children skills for life. Speaking a language is like riding a bike; you never forget how to, it’s something that employers love to see on CVs and will greatly benefit everyone in your household. Perfecting a language is also very beneficial too, especially with younger children who haven’t quite got a proper grasp yet. Online services like the Effortless English Club offer tutorials on how to speak perfect English,  brilliant for the kids who can’t quite get their tongue around some words!

Watching Documentaries

This is the more relaxed point of them all, and that is just watching a documentary. Be careful before you put one on, you need to make sure it’s suitable for the children! So none of my true crime stuff, at least not til he’s a bit older! If you do find one that is suitable, it can benefit everyone and is also very entertaining at the same time. Especially if you can get one on something your little ones are interested in like Space, Nature or even Disney World!

Documentaries teach you about a given topic, this is more useful for the kids as they can use it at school, but it can also be beneficial to you to know a few odd facts here and there. They’re also very engaging, and can entertain you for hours, even until the kids fall asleep! If you’re struggling to choose one to watch, Paste Magazine have an article just for you, rounding up the 50 best documentaries ever made.

Doing things with your kids is a very important part of them growing up, so you have to make sure that you do it! But also make it educational at the same time, they’ll thank you for it when they’re all grown up! If you’re looking to do something a bit outdoors oriented and physical, read this article on how to have an excellent family hike!


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