3 Ways Your Fast-Paced Life Could Be Damaging You

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What would you say the average pace of your life is? For many of us, time moves so quickly that we don’t even have time to think about it, and you can definitely relate to that even more as a parent. If you were to ask yourself honestly when was the last time that you had a chance to sit back and reflect on your week, you probably wouldn’t be able to remember a time off the top of your head. Sadly, this is all too common. Life moves at an astonishing pace, much quicker than it did maybe forty or fifty years ago (or at least, so I’m told. I wasn’t alive then after all!). Many people have searched for some reasoning behind why this is, and there are lots of different theories surrounding it.

One suspected reason is down to the advances in technology over recent years.

Thanks to technology, things that would have once taken days or even weeks to find out can now be solved in a matter of seconds. This has built a culture of instant gratification among the current population, where we expect things to happen as and when we want them to. Additionally, a lot of people also claim that the current economic climate is to blame. The job market, in particular, is extremely competitive, and people are going hell for leather in all aspects of their lives simply to make ends meet. It all sounds rather exhausting but familiar, doesn’t it?

But life doesn’t always need to be this way. Living such a fast-paced existence might be thrilling at times, but it can also result in certain negative things happening – things you could end up regretting. As Ferris Bueller once said: ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it’. Although this quote is from the 1980s, it still feels especially relevant today. Here are a few things that can happen when you rush through life, and the steps you can take to slow things down a little.

Getting Injured

Sadly, I’m something of an expert in this field. I don’t get injured that often, but in my day job as a solicitor this is exactly what I deal with, claims where someone’s negligence (often as a result of speeding or trying to cut corners to get things done quicker) has caused someone to be injured.

Whether we like it or not, a fast-paced lifestyle can often lead to carelessness. We might not like to think about it, but in an average day most of us end up taking a few risks simply because we are rushing around so much. This could be pulling out in a slight gap at a junction, or ignoring that ‘wet floor’ sign at work as you rush across the foyer into your meeting. Both of these things may seem minor at the time, but can easily result in an accident or injury. First things first, always make sure you have a good solicitor on your side who you can call on in a time of need. I work for clients based in England and Wales, but if you’re in Ireland, you should be able to find one via www.nowinnofeeireland.net.

Becoming Disorganised

On paper, you may think that by rushing around your day, you will get more done, and therefore be more organised. But the truth is, you are more likely to make mistakes in all of your tasks, or not do them to the best of your abilities. If you feel like you constantly have a half-finished to-do list hanging over your head, slow down your pace so you can give each task your full attention. You will find that you feel much more in control of your life – remember, rushing through life doesn’t always get you high-quality results. More haste less speed, and all that.

Suffering from Stress

When we have no time to check in with ourselves, we often don’t even notice the amount of stress we are under thanks to our hectic schedule. Stress can present itself to us in subtle, mysterious ways – whether you are grinding your teeth at night, or constantly necking cups of coffee to stay focused. Prolonged periods of stress can, however, have an adamant effect on your long-term physical AND mental health. So, if you feel like you could be at risk from your current lifestyle, be sure to take regular breaks. Define what in your weekly task list is urgent and what is important. Once all the critical things are out of the way, invest some time into taking care of yourself. This could be something as easy as a ten-minute meditation to help you gather your thoughts, or going out for dinner with a good friend.

Once you start taking your life at a slower pace, you will find that you get much more enjoyment out of it.



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