30 Blog Post Ideas for February

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Blog Post Ideas For February

Happy February! We’re in the last month of winter and after this we’re on the uphill climb to summer. I’m here to help you with your blogging this month by throwing 30 blog post ideas for February your way. That’s two more than you need, because some of these will not apply to everyone. I’m super generous yes, I know.

Obviously, with February comes a lot of stuff about Valentine’s Day, so a lot of these post are going to be revolving around it, but there’s also a couple of wintery ones being thrown in there as well as general ideas that you can use (and modify to suit your blog) to make sure February’s a plentiful month for your readers.


  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
  2. How did you meet your significant other?
  3. February 26th is National Wear Red Day in the UK, so show us your favourite red outfit!
  4. Give us an update on your New Year’s Resolutions.
  5. Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day (whether it’s already happened or not!)
  6. Share some of your wedding photographs.
  7. List some of your favourite romantic films.
  8. What are your town/city’s best venues for a first date?
  9. Soppy Valentine’s post to your other half.
  10. Your best warming soup recipe.
  11. A How-To post on making hot chocolate JUST how you like it (not how everyone else does it!)
  12. Show us your blogging workspace!
  13. February 28th is Pancake Day! So let us know how you like yours? Savoury? Sweet? Not at all?
  14. Favourite items from your winter wardrobe.
  15. Photo gallery of your favourite winter day out with the kids.
  16. Show us what Christmas gifts and toys are still being used 6 weeks later. This post will probably be quite short.
  17. Best indoor attractions in your area.
  18. A playlist of your favourite slow dance songs.
  19. List the things you love about winter (or hate!)
  20. Share which blogs you’ve been reading recently.
  21. Tell us all about your day. How was it?
  22. Recount stories of Valentine’s Days of the past and how they’re different now.
  23. A love letter to your readers – they keep your blog going after all!
  24. Write a restaurant review (try not to dampen the Valentines mood!)
  25. An interview with your other half
  26. Give your tips on trying to be romantic whilst you have kids (it is possible, right?)
  27. YOUR essential skincare and make-up items for the colder weather
  28. What are your plans for spring? Anything exciting?
  29. What were January’s best performing posts?
  30. What are your blog goals for the coming month?

Happy Blogging February!

These are clearly not all February related and could even be the start of a monthly feature or be scheduled later than the coming month. I hope at least something pops out as useful and if you do find anything that you might use on your blog, I’d love it if you could share this post with your followers and let them be inspired too!

Have you any other ideas for post for the next month? Let us know in the comments and we might make another post filled with the extra ideas, crediting you and your blog for your suggestions of course!



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