30 Blog Post Ideas for March

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blog post ideas for March

It’s March! Spring is officially here – the days are going to get lighter, brighter and more colourful with the changing of the seasons. Awards season is drawing to a close, the build-up to Easter is about to begin and sadly, that means it’s the month where lent is a thing. This month, I’m back with another round-up of blog post ideas for March.

March brings us St Patrick’s Day, International Womens’ Day, Ash Wednesday (and lent!) and of course, Mother’s Day. With so many topics to cover, we’ve got a whole host of different ideas for you to sink your teeth into.


  1. Share with your readers what you’re giving up for lent and why.
  2. Write a post about the women who inspire you for International Women’s Day (8th March)
  3. Post a Mother’s Day Gift Guide (23rd March)
  4. Show us some of the more unusual places to take your Mum on Mother’s Day!
  5. Share with your readers how you celebrate St Patrick’s Day (if you celebrate it at all!)
  6. Share your favourite party / entertaining recipe.
  7. Post about the things you love about Spring.
  8. Write a heart-felt post about your Mum to celebrate Mother’s Day.
  9. March 24th is Red Nose Day, so show us how you and your family are joining in!
  10. Have you bought a red nose? Make a gallery of him getting into mischief!
  11. Share your favourite bake sale recipe.
  12. Show us your “dress down” work outfit (because we know you don’t turn up in your yoga pants and slippers!)
  13. Share pictures of your favourite local park as Spring starts!
  14. Time for a spring clean? Share your best tips.
  15. Share your blogging goals for this upcoming season.
  16. What was your FAVOURITE post in February?
  17. Post about your best picnic food ideas.
  18. Share your favourite Mother’s Day DIY presents.
  19. Post about what you received for Mother’s Day from your kids.
  20. What were your best blogging achievements last month?
  21. Introduce your readers to a brand new blogger.
  22. What was your favourite songs from February and why?
  23. Name which movie you’re most looking forward to in the next month or so.
  24. Recap the Oscars (they were on 26th February) and whether you agreed with the winners.
  25. Showcase your favourite fashion from the red carpets of this year’s awards season.
  26. What have you been especially thankful for this month?
  27. Recap your favourite day trip from February.
  28. What’s on your TV schedule for the next month? Any series coming back that you love?
  29. Post about which fictional character is your spirit animal.
  30. What favourite piece of clothing of yours is making a re-appearance from your wardrobe now the weather is a little warmer?


Have a great month!

A lot of my ideas are UK based, because that’s where I live, but I think most of these could work regardless of your location or niche. There are 31 days in March, so you’ll have to come up with at least one of your own ideas! Sorry! I’d love it if you could share this post with your followers and let them be inspired too!

Have you any other ideas for post for the next month? Let us know in the comments and we might make another post filled with the extra ideas, crediting you and your blog for your suggestions of course!



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