A Sneak Peek At Our Wedding Rings By Minter & Richter

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So as most of you know, as well as welcoming a child within the next month, Wes and I are also getting married in just under five months’ time and last week one of the biggest (and by far the most symbolic) parts of our day arrived in the post. We got our wedding rings.


All the way from Boston, Massachusetts are Minter and Richter. An amazing company we found this time last year on Etsy when we first booked our wedding, who specialise in bespoke wedding rings using a whole host of materials that you wouldn’t normally find in your average wedding band. Some of the things they use include concrete, wood, jade, opal, purple pearl and deer antler (no, not kidding) and everything that they make is hand crafted in their workshop.

We fell in love with their creations straight away and it literally took us months to decide once and for all what we wanted. We have always known that we were never going to get the usual yellow gold wedding bands, but never did I think that a pink one would be the one I would eventually go for. Despite having so many options, Wes and I went for very simple (literally says simple in the title) and we could NOT be happier with the end result.

Because we were ordering from a US company and their sizes aren’t the same as ours, we didn’t want to risk getting the wrong size and waste our money. We opted to get a pair of sizers first, which are provided in the form of titanium rings in the width you think you want, so that you can wear them for a few days and see which one you like best. We were given three rings, one of the size we thought we were and one of the size above and below and we tested them for a few days. Turned out our estimates were bang on, but if the actual rings were the wrong size when we got them, it was good to know that we could get them re-made for free as a result of ordering the sizers.

rings2Just a month after confirming the sizes we wanted and sending the sizers back, our rings were handmade, shipped from the US and delivered to our door via FedEx EARLIER than the expected date we were told. As you can see, the end result are two beautiful and unique rings, subtly coloured (because traditional is boring) with a satin finish. The light of the ring box makes them look brighter than they actually are but I like that. They’re clearly very different to your normal wedding fare but not in any way garish. They are perfect in every way.

I’d like to clarify that this is not in any way a sponsored post or anything like that. This is a genuine post to thank them for everything that they did for us to make what can be a really stressful and costly part of the wedding very easy, very enjoyable and massively affordable. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Minter & Richter for the amazing work that they have done for us and urge you all to go and visit them either on their official website or their Etsy Shop to see more of their outstanding work and if you know someone who will be looking for something a bit different on their wedding day, then definitely send them to have a look at Minter & Richter.

The service is absolutely second to none and if they don’t like any of the exact styles that are on the website or Etsy Shop, they can make everything their own. We didn’t do that, but we know it’s an awesome service that a lot of people would be grateful for and the options are basically endless to make your rings as personal to you as your day! So thanks Minter and Richter for making our rings and making our day when they arrived. They are beautiful and we can’t wait to be able to wear them permanently!


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