5 Super Easy Summer Crafts for Toddlers

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It’s summer time! The sun is starting to make its presence known, the dark afternoons are a thing of the past and everybody is in a far better mood than they were two months ago. For most people, that means we can finally venture outdoors again and for me, it means that I’ve now got to find more ways of keeping Short Rib entertained. So I’ve looked where any non-crafty, artistically inept Mum would go for inspiration. Pinterest. I’ve saved you the trouble and found five awesome (and relatively simple looking) summer crafts for you and your kids.

Please note, I’ve not tried any of these yet, but even I’m pretty confident I could pull these off with a decent level of competence…

crafts: cardboard painting

Outdoor Cardboard Painting

I did tell you that these were simple. Now that the weather is getting better, you could easily grab some old boxes and some (WASHABLE!) paints and just let your little one go wild. This is Short Rib’s idea of heaven, so it’s something that I should definitely get on. I’ve no excuse not to, because he does pretty much all of the work. All you need is some paint, some cardboard and some paper plates. Oh and a vest that’s ready for chucking out.


crafts: kinetic sand

DIY Kinetic Sand

I LOVE kinetic sand… but this one is for Short Rib, I promise. He actually already has a sandpit, but that’s got the much drier play sand in it. Well, it’s drying at the minute… the lid of the sand pit blew off in the middle of a downpour and it’s not been quite right since. This stuff looks super cool and apparently it’s quite easy to make, which is a bonus… that and I already have the sand, so I’m part way there already.


crafts: window art

Rainbow Window Art

Stained glass is pretty right? Well, this one is a really adaptable way to get your little one making their very own work of art. The tutorial I’ve linked uses paper, but if you wanted yours to be a more permanent piece, I think would would be a a great use for perspex sheet pieces or acryclic, so that you can proudly display it on your mantlepiece. Show off that kid genius of yours. Additional points for the use of Elmer the elephant on this one too. I love me some Elmer.


crafts: drawing with cars

Toot Toot Masterpieces

This is so ridiculously simply I’m a bit disappointed that I never thought of it before, alas – this is it. Selotaping pens to cars and letting your little one drive them around paper. We have a lot of Toot Toot Garage cars that Short Rib loves playing with – but I think this one may induce a tantrum when he realises he can’t get the pens off the cars. This one should definitely be done outside. Your walls will thank you for it.


crafts: rainbow blowers

Rainbow Blowers

No craft post would be complete without something using toilet rolls and this is no exception. All the fun of the normal blower with none of the noise. Admittedly, this will be one of those things that will not look nearly as pretty when I make it, but needless to say my Short Rib hasn’t yet turned two. He will not care about wonky clouds. A bit of glue, a loo roll and some tissue paper… paint job is probably optional, as your toddler will want to get their hands on this almost immediately.  

So that’s five crafts that even the most uncreative of mum’s can have a bash at. If you’re running really low on resources though… you can always just let your toddler ‘paint’ your fence with water on a nice sunny day. Hours and hours of fun!

Let me know what you’ll be getting up to this summer. Any and all inspiration is very much welcomed!



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