7 Things To Consider When Introducing Technology To Your Home

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It might sound a little odd to prepare a post about technology that isn’t describing all the new tech gadgets that you need at home. It sounds even more old-fashioned to spread the thought that technology can sometimes be bad. After all, in a world where you can pay coffee from your smartphone, the idea of showing the dark side of technology feels a little ludicrous. It’s a debate however that rages constantly, especially in the parenting world where kids know their way around a tablet better than their parents by their 3rd birthday.

So let’s discuss it! Is it the devil incarnate, that kids shouldn’t touch? Or should your entire household get on the gadgetry as soon as possible? There are pros and cons of course. It’s is about the possible life-changing consequences that the use of tech could have in the short and long terms on people, their lifestyle, and their social and mental development.

So should you be living in the tech house of the future? You should consider these points…

Technology Can Be Good For Kids

As a parent, it is natural that you want to look for the best for your child. There are hugely conflicting stories about whether technology should be used in helping to raise your kids, from those who reach for the tablet or TV immediately to those who have banned it all from their house. The fact is, there is a LOT of kid-oriented tech out there, from kid-only tablets to fake smartphones for tiny toddlers.  

The truth is, plenty of websites and app developers have thought about it. As a result, you can download children-friendly programs and games to experience technology in a safe environment, some of which are free to download and most don’t contain micro-transactions. The apps and games on offer now encourage kids to move, talk and use their brain, rather than just watching things on YouTube.

From our personal experiences, Short Rib has specifically learned the words “I’m Ready” and their meaning from a Furchester Hotel game.  He’s not in a permanent hunched position on the sofa either. Our child never stops still.

Tech Attracts Burglars

Well… yes. Of course it does. As anything valuable might attract a would-be thief. Naturally, there are some tips to avoid attracting the attention of burglars and a lot of it is common sense. For a start, the majority of property crimes that are linked to burglary occurs because there was visible technology in the house.

Additionally, it is important to have an alarm system that, not only keeps your safe but also sends a warning in case of a break-in. Finally, like with most crimes, if you happen to be in the house, it is best not to intervene. Don’t risk your life for a laptop or a TV. It isn’t worth it.  

Tech Is An Essential Skill

It is difficult nowadays to find a professional role that doesn’t require technical skills. Tech skills are an essential on all CVs. While managing word processors and spreadsheet solutions is a mandatory basic – so much that it isn’t worth mentioning on your resumé – more and more candidates are looking for ways to improve their hard tech skills. From online coding lessons to joining the Google Academy to learn more about web traffic and search engine marketing – using Google Analytics and Google AdWords – everyone needs to be tech-savvy to land the perfect job.

The five winning tech skills at the moment are; Data analysis, coding, social media, project management, and technical writing experience. At a time where offices are including more and more tech into their processes and premises, it is essential to be tech-aware to be able to work. My opinion is that this is will only increase, so if your kids are already a pro at the basics, it stands them in good stead later on.   

Tech Needs Regular Updating

The main problem with technology is that it is always hyper-modern. Consequently, it becomes very rapidly out-dated. For instance, in the professional world, IT software solutions and essential office tech – such as printers and laptops – need to be regularly renewed to maintain productivity and security.

But even in the household, technology can’t be kept past its best-before date. Indeed, smartphones that are over five-year-old are not capable of providing the same safety and facilities as modern devices. However, despite the constant renewing of tech gadgets, their price remains high.

In other words, you need to constantly buy new gadgets to access to everyday tasks – as a rule of the thumb, every 18 to 24 months; you need to change your devices – while still investing the same budget each time. Is technology only a capitalist dream designed to make you poorer and make firms richer? Not if you’re savvy about it – Apple products for example, have regular software updates and iOS iterations which often increase security and.

For Some People, Tech Defines Your Worth

For younger generations, tech ownership is a factor of social recognition and approval. The better the tech and the more they use it, the higher their perceived social standing. It’s ridiculous, but it’s always been a part of growing up.

When I was a kid, the same was said of certain brands of tracksuit.

As an individual, you are judged by the society based on the type of technology you own. Don’t have the latest iPhone? You may not be as cool as you thought you were. Not using a tracking watch? You can’t be exercising for real, then. It is a constant battle to prove your worth through the type of tech you have in your pocket. Not owning any tech gadget can isolate you from the rest of the world sometimes.

Tech Can Rule Your Life

Could you picture your life without your phone? Don’t worry if you can’t. Most people find it difficult.

The reason is that smartphones have developed ways to become indispensable in your everyday life. Indeed, can you imagine trying to sort out your social arrangements without using your social media apps, or booking an Uber cab for the way into town? The answer is: You can’t imagine your life without a phone. However, it is unfair to conclude that people are tech-dependent.

You are tech-dependent because it is easier to rely on technology than to do it via a more traditional way. I mean why spend money on a newspaper when you can flick on the BBC News App? Society is moving towards highly digitalized services. Consequently, not using digital facilities makes it more difficult to interact with businesses and individuals in your everyday life.  

Apparently, Tech Might Dumb You Down?

This is debatable. The argument is that tech can reduce your thinking abilities.

Indeed, at an age when it has become easier to Google the answers to your questions than to think, it’s likely that younger generations confound searching speed with brain capacities. Apparently, as a result, you retain less information – why should you?

The other side of this argument is that tech has opened humans to a wealth of knowledge that wasn’t available before, with new tools for learning and a literally endless encyclopaedia teaching everyone new things that you’d have never learned before. Who won Wimbledon in 1994? (It was Pete Sampras) How old is Sally Gunnell? (She’s 50). How on earth would you have found that out before the Internet?

Don’t believe the hype. They’re called ‘Smartphones’ for a reason.




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