Five Things That Happened To Us In The Last Nine Months

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Where the hell have I been? I know, I’ve done this before but I ran out of things to say and talk about for a while. It’s been a long time (almost 9 months in fact) since I was last an active member of the blogosphere and a lot has changed in that time. Apart from me finding my writing mojo again, I thought the easiest way to bring you up to speed with life in the Mum’s The Law household would be a quick run down of the important five things that have occurred since we were last here.

We got a nephew!

So we had just welcomed Mason before we disappeared, but less than a month later we also welcomed our nephew Myles into the world. It’s been an interesting year looking at the pair of them together (Mason has, on one or two occasions tried to slap his younger cousin) and it’s awesome to know that they’ll be so close in age as they grow up. You know how in a previous post I said that we thought all babies looked the same? Yeah… no. Not these two. Not even a bit, despite their parents being related.

We got married!

This is to blame for the disappearing act from Mum’s The Law, really. I am a massive advocate of DIY weddings but holy cow the last couple of weeks before our big day were exhausting. Not stressful, but I was knackered. However, on 15th November 2015 we were married at Peckforton Castle in their Wine Cellar and it was beautiful. I may do a big ol’ post on it nearer our anniversary but we couldn’t have asked for a better day for our do – so we are now officially Mr and Mrs Duxbury! Exciting eh? Well, it is until you have to change your details on anything you’ve ever signed up for, ever.

We moved house…

Because we are gluttons for punishment, between Christmas and New Year and just six weeks after getting married, we packed up all of our stuff, grabbed our then four month old baby and buggered off ten miles up the road to a lovely village called Frodsham. We’ve gone from a poky two bed flat to an awesome, homely three bed house. We’re still renting (we’re working on that) but we are far happier.

I got a car.

This was a big one for me. Not bigger than getting married, obviously. Having a car for most people is just something that is needed but for me, it was a frightening prospect. I’ve been “able” to drive since I was 18 but I’ve never actually owned a car or driven one on a regular basis. So for me to now own one is pretty spectacular. I’ve had a few iffy moments, one that you all may have caught on the Mum’s The Law Twitter feed… but

I qualified as a solicitor.

FINALLY. I mean it’s only taken me SIX AND A HALF YEARS since I graduated University but I finally made it and a fully fledged, qualified solicitor now sits and writes before you. Excellent stuff. The biggest change has been a really handy salary increase. It means that our Short Rib can go to nursery for four days a week and he freaking loves me for it. Seriously though this is dream come true territory and I couldn’t have been more chuffed when a letter came through to say it was happening.

So those were the big things. There were a bunch of little things that I will probably get into later, but that’s been a very basic round up of our lives over the last eight months or so. Short Rib will be one year old in exactly a week (WHERE HAS THAT YEAR GONE!) and we’re having the whole family over to celebrate so expect a bunch of awesome food posts for that.

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Best And Worst


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4 responses

  • I too have also had a break from blogging (i was a newbie and needed a break to get some perspective and inspiration). Funnily enough, I got engaged, moved house and welcomed a nephew of my own. Welcome back to the world of blogging, it was lovely to read you’re re-intro post – I’d love a post on your wedding! #bestandworst

    • Amy

      Welcome back to you too and congratulations! Sounds like the break was needed with all that going on! A wedding post will definitely happen soon (probably a few, or it’ll get wayyyy too wordy!). Gonna hop on over to your blog and check it out. Thanks for reading! x

  • It sounds like you have experienced a lot of changes and transitions. Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments! #bestandworst

  • Wow what alot has happended and some fairly epic stuff, wahoooo!!! Lots of bests 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst hope you’ll stop by again.

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