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We are soul mates. We are best friends. We are a team. We are Wes and Amy. We are The Mighty Duxburys.

Recently married and the parents to the cutest one year old you’ve ever seen (affectionately referred to as “Short Rib” until he’s taller than we are), we’re the writers behind The Mighty Duxburys providing the insight of both Mum and Dad when it comes to all things family, food, lifestyle and good old fashioned fun!

Amy is a 28 year old qualified solicitor originally from Burnley but now living in Frodsham. When not doing her real job or blogging, she likes to spend her time playing video games, creating healthy recipes, visiting the zoo and trying her best at being generally ‘crafty’ with varying degrees of success. She likes writing about being a mum, recipes and general commentary on life, family and everything else.

Wes is 33 and does IT Services Management within the telecoms industry. Raised in Chester and now also living in Frodsham, he’s a budding photographer, bargain hunter, tool enthusiast and all round man of the family. Wes’ blogging focus is geared more towards product reviews (including the odd video), details on current deals on a plethora of interesting and useful things and the world of parenting from the stance of a doting dad.

Short Rib is officially part of the team now too. He was born in August 2015 and at the minute is still deciding what kind of stuff he likes. He’s pretty open minded and will try anything we put in front of him.

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