The Absolute Best Way to Choose Your Lottery Numbers

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We all dream of winning the lottery! Regardless of your stance on gambling or whatever, we all know that winning that kind of money would be hugely life-changing. To be fair, even a more modest windfall would go a long ways towards easing our financial burdens… for us, a deposit for a house would be awesome, but without some sort of epic win, we’re waiting until Short Rib is out of nursery. But is there a sure-fire way to win the lottery? What is the best system for selecting numbers for the next draw?

We have a few suggestions…

Choose a special date

I’m fairly sure when the lottery first became a thing in the UK back in 1996, the numbers 3, 30 and 19 were on the tickets of all my family members, because they were the birth dates of my siblings and me. It’s not just birthdays though! Use the date of your anniversary (if you remember it!) or any other special occasion as numbers on your lottery ticket. Winning a jackpot would be a very exciting way to celebrate these special days!

Use other personal details

When you win, you want to make sure you’ve done it putting your own little stamp on proceedings. Put the calendar aside and select numbers based on your age, your phone number, or even your address. If you can’t think of six numbers personal to you, consider the details of family members as well. The thing with this one, is that your numbers are likely to change at least once a year, so if you’re not keen on change this method may not be for you…

Use Numerology

Calculate the numerical value of the letters in your name. Start with “A” corresponding to a value of “1” and continue from there. Develop your own numerological codes to finish filling out your ticket! People have a whole host of systems with numbers (you only have to watch Deal or No Deal once or twice to see that in action) and if you have one, you should use it! It’s clearly worked out for you so far!

Try your favourite numbers

Some of us have lucky numbers so why not use them on your ticket? For me, it’s 12. I’m not really sure why, but it’s always just kind of been my number and I gravitate towards it. Granted it’s weird to have lucky numbers but if you feel that strongly about them, chances are there’s something a little bit different.

Use unpopular numbers

As your lucky numbers may be shared by others, try to select some which could be considered unlucky, such as “13”. Unless you’re superstitious, then that idea really isn’t going to work for you. You should probably avoid “Lucky 7” too. With people often using dates and birthdays as selections, you’d do well to select numbers that are not on a calendar, such as “32”. I’m sure if we research, we can look at what numbers come out more often and what numbers tend to hold back a bit. With the UK Lotto now at an eye watering 59 numbers, it’s not like you aren’t spoiled for choice.

Use random numbers

I mean… I can’t do this, to be honest with you. Put logical selection aside for the moment and choose numbers randomly instead. One possibility is to choose consecutive numbers… which is ballsy, let’s be fair, but they have the exact same odds as any other set of numbers that will come out. Maybe just stick to odd numbers. Your goal is not only to win the jackpot prize, but also to have winning numbers so random that you will be the only winner! It’d be kind of gutting to share it…

Let the computer do the work

If coming up with a random combination of numbers confuses you, or you’re like me and simply can’t purposefully do anything at random, you should utilise computer. It might surprise you, but most winning lottery tickets use numbers chosen by a computer. Lucky dips are apparently the way to go! Let the computer generate quick pick numbers. You can use this service when you purchase official lottery tickets online. The leading ticket purchasing service is over at, who deal in lottery tickets in draws all over the world! Who’d have thought that would be a thing in 1997?

Use hot numbers, or use cold numbers

Many lotteries publish charts showing how frequently numbers are selected in their drawings. Bet you didn’t know that did you? Logically, you should fill out your ticket with the numbers that come up the most, or alternatively, throw a wildcard out there and pick the ones that don’t.

Choose as many numbers as possible

While only six main numbers are selected in a lottery draw, you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot or any of the secondary prizes by purchasing a systematic ticket giving you every possible combination of your selected numbers. This means you can pick, say 10 numbers and have every combination possible in the draw… the law of odds is pretty simple. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Choose numbers with a syndicate

Split the cost of lottery play with your family and friends and buy more tickets with them. Of course when you win you will have to share your lottery prizes, but it could very well be worth it! You always hear about syndicates at the supermarket winning huge prizes, sparking a mass exodus of workers. The added benefit of winning in a syndicate, is that now your mates are all rolling in it too and you’ve got a few millionaire mates straight off the bat!

Be consistent and persistent

If lucky dip isn’t your thing, then pick your numbers and be faithful to them forever and for goodness sake don’t’ forget to put the lottery on at any point. Follow the example of an Australian man who won a $1 million jackpot after playing the same numbers for 25 years. One day your lottery luck will come! Then you’ll remember this post and you’ll thank me.

All of this is course preamble to the actual best way to choose your lottery numbers. Drumroll please…

Trust your gut.

Boooo!! Hiss!! I know, I know… I was channelling Mystic Meg for a bit and got carried away, but this is true. With so many conflicting suggestions of how to choose your lottery numbers, it’s hard to know what to do! Six numbers is a lot of pressure – especially now that the UK have an extra ten to go at in the draw! (I’m still bitter about that, can you tell?) Sometimes it’s best to put aside everything else and go with your gut. If you feel an impulse to choose certain numbers, just do it!

And lend me a tenner when you win, yeah?


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