August Round Up & September’s Bucket List

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Alright so, it’s September and that means a stats update and a Bucket List for my little corner of the internet. To be fair, we have only been really seriously back on the blogging wagon for the last month, so we didn’t do a bucket list for August. It’s been a pretty hectic month, mainly due to August being Short Rib’s Birthday as well as the general summer fallout.

We’ve been really lucky to be involved in some pretty fabulous giveaways this month and it’s resulted in a real boost for our social media followings and website visitors. I’m aware that won’t continue at quite the same rate, but it’s a pretty fabulous start after a nine month break.

August Stats Roundup

Facebook: 456 (+112)                 Tots100 Rank: 474 (Down 42)                               

Twitter: 2,212 (+379)                   Domain Authority: 19 (Up 1)

Instagram: 303 (+207)               Pageviews: 12,322

Pintrest: 192 (+91)                      Unique Users: 9,151


So yeah. Small fry but we’re getting there! We’ve had the chance to work with some utterly amazing brands and my absolute favourite post from this month was our Barefoot Coaching Blog Tour stop, where Wes and I discussed our relationship and its impact on Short Rib. It’s a long one (so put your feet up and get comfortable) but it is one of the most heartfelt and dare I say it, deep, posts we’ve ever done.


September’s Bucket List


So what about the actual bucket list? Well, let’s start off small.

Get back on the Slimming World Wagon. We have decided to do it from home, because trying to get to a group after work, with Short Rib, simply isn’t practical. The only way that we would be able to go to group (and stay) is if we went separately to two different ones whilst the other stays at home. That defeats the object of doing it together, so we’re going to try and just do it. We’ve just started properly, having emptied our freezer of junk, so we’ll see how that goes!

Start Couch to 5k. So, my dad ran 127 miles over the Bank Holiday weekend without stopping. He’s insane and I’m not about to follow in his footsteps, but I am going to see if I can at least get out there and just… wobble forwards a bit for 5 kilometres. I have an app from the creators of Zombies, Run! That should make it a bit more interesting. I need to make a music playlist for my phone for the purpose, which is tonight’s job and then I’m actually going to get out there and do it. Under cover of darkness though… nobody needs to see me running.

Learn what the hell Pintrest is and how to use it properly. Pintrest is a mystery to me. I sort of get the others, but Pintrest baffles me completely. My aim this month is to read up more about it and how to use it effectively. I’m not looking for a massive increase in followers (although it would be nice) but just a way to use it properly. I’ve almost completely neglected it for ages and that needs to change.

Do that car boot sale that we’ve been threatening since March. Yeah, autumn. Totally the best time to do a car boot sale. Ugh. No, I know, I’ve missed the boat but really we need to get this done. The stuff is taking up SO much room in our cupboard under the stairs. We just need it gone.

Get our domain authority over 20. I know, I know, it isn’t everything. But I’d like it to be over 20 just then it’s not bugging me how close to it we are! We’ve gone up one this month and we have a couple of guest posts and spots coming up so fingers crossed we might hop on over by October. Holy cow. October…


So that’s it. August’s round up (for the stats, anyway) and our September bucket list. Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to achieve this month, before autumn really starts to kick in! Remember, if you want to keep up with how we’re doing, then follow Mum’s The Law on Facebook so you never miss a post!



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