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We’re a proper official looking outfit now. I always used to love business cards when I was a kid… if I ever saw any on a desk, I’d rob a whole bunch of them and just mess around with them. In my eyes, they were the epitome of cool and a surefire sign that you have made it. Granted, I was a weird child that found fun in unusual objects, but that doesn’t take away from how excited I am that the guys at Aura Print have kitted us out with these bad boys!

Regular readers of our blog will know that Mr Duxbury is very difficult to please. When I told him that we were getting business cards, he audibly scoffed. People still do that apparently. That was until I unwrapped them. Impressed doesn’t really cover it and I later learned that he nabbed a few to show off to his colleagues at work. It takes quite a lot to impress my husband to that extent, but these guys definitely pulled that off.

For the purposes of the review, we were offered a set of the Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm Luxury Business Cards. Genuinely, these are next level when it comes to quality. The picture below is my best attempt at showing them to scale (a Lego Minifigure is clearly a unit of measurement when you become a parent).

Aura Print

This photograph shows ten business cards… thats all.

They are… SO thick and sturdy, they stand up to a lot of bending and whilst I did manage to properly bend one beyond the point of no return, it wasn’t easy. I clearly need to hit the gym.

The design of ours aren’t exactly elaborate, but frankly neither is our blog. I’m a fan of clean lines, concise information and minimal fuss and that is exactly what these are. I am fighting the urge to throw them at every small business owner I can find. Wes has thoroughly checked them for spelling mistakes and I’m pleased to report that there isn’t a single one.

These specific cards come with a choice of six different colours for the core, the option to have your designs in full colour or black and white and single or double sided. We went for double sided cards, because one sided seemed like a waste. We also went for a bright red core, naturally. One bugbear was the fact that there were only six colours to choose from and two of them were blue. Whilst there was a colour that perfectly suited our colour scheme, I know that a lot of people will probably be put off this wonderful coloured core aspect of the cards because it isn’t available in a colour that complements their theme, which is a shame, because the finished product is stunning.

So whilst I simply cannot fault the business cards themselves, I do have a bit of an issue with the actual process of ordering the cards. Aside from the lack of choice of colour cores, the way in which you place an order appears a little user unfriendly. A few things that I found:

  • Providing your own artwork is not that simple. There are options to either upload it or e-mail it, but I couldn’t find anywhere to actually upload the designs. There was also no guidance on how big your images should be to make sure the print was good quality.
  • A few more photographs of the actual product on the website wouldn’t go amiss – to show the differences between One-sided and Two-sided or Matt and Gloss. I went with Matt, but may have been swayed had I been able to see the differences between the two.
  • On the subject of photographs; some clearer examples of previous design work would also be ideal. Especially since Aura Print offer to design your business cards at an extra charge, I would expect to have examples of their work right there clearly on show. The photographs there at present are blurred and don’t help customers get a feel for what they can do.
  • Once I e-mailed my requirements in terms of design it took FIVE DAYS to process the order to the print phase, and another NINE DAYS after that to dispatch them. I appreciate that this sort of thing takes time, but 14 days from providing the designs to them being shipped out seemed a little extensive to me.

THAT SAID – I had my cards put together for me – this wait time might well be quicker if you have your business card mockups all set and ready to go.

The guys at Aura Print who I dealt with were nothing short of fantastic from the get go and their proof for the design was sent to me to approve before anything was printed. You have every opportunity to make changes to the cards and make sure they’re exactly as you wanted them. If you can wait for the couple of weeks it takes to get these custom made then the finished product is definitely worth it. However, if you have a blogging conference in three days and need something very, very quickly, then perhaps hold off on ordering from Aura Print. As a small business, everything is made to order in their printing office in Huddersfield.

Aura Print

What’s the saying… you can’t rush perfection? Well, these are the embodiment of that and I can’t recommend their stuff highly enough. If you’re looking for business cards that will get even the most seasoned of networkers interested, then these definitely have the wow factor you’re looking for.


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