5 Super Easy Summer Crafts for Toddlers

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It’s summer time! The sun is starting to make its presence known, the dark afternoons are a thing of the past and everybody is in a far better mood than they were two months ago. For most people, that means we can finally venture outdoors again and for me, it means that I’ve now got to find more ways of keeping Short Rib entertained. So I’ve looked where any non-crafty, artistically inept Mum would go for inspiration. Pinterest. I’ve saved you the trouble and found five awesome (and relatively simple looking) summer crafts for you and your kids.

Please note, I’ve not tried any of these yet, but even I’m pretty confident I could pull these off with a decent level of competence…

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Five Strange Factors That Can Impact Weight Loss

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weight loss

Our journey with weight loss is well documented on this blog and as we’re on the countdown to our holidays (9 WEEKS!) you’d better believe that we’re amongst the millions of people trying to shift the pounds before the summer really gets going. We have all been there…

You head to the scales, your mind jumping with trepidation. You think the number is going to be okay… probably? As you shed your outer layers of clothes (got to get an exact weight!), you suddenly remember that KitKat that you grabbed from the petrol station. And the morning you ignored the idea of a fulfilling breakfast and just heaped a few teaspoons of sugar into your coffee.

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A Turbulent First Year: Why My Car Hates Me

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I’ve had my car for a little over a year now. I’ve managed to clock up 7,000 miles in that short time and it has been one hell of a ride. That pun was absolutely intended.

However, I’m quick to point out that my journey with Taylor (because she’s a Swift. Hur Hur) has not been a particularly smooth or easy one. Far from it in fact… I thought I’d let you know of the issues that I had in the 12 months after I bought Taylor from a relatively respectable (if a bit pushy) gentleman in the Sheffield area.

I mean, it had been MOT’d the week before and passed with no advisories. Gotta be fine, right?


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Your Guide To Getting Onto The Property Ladder

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Do you dream of holding the keys to a new home in your hands? If so you’re not alone. Most of us have an inherent wish to be a homeowner someday. Wes and me have been toiling away at trying to get there for ages, but we realise that nursery fees have put paid to that for now. Doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about it though.  

In the past, it was very common for young people to leave home in their 20’s and buy a house. My grandparents tell me that they got their house for around £1,500 and borrowed the money from my grandad’s employer to get it! Can you imagine that now? Today, the situation is very different, and it’s not uncommon for people in their 30’s or even their 40’s to struggle to get onto the property ladder.

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Chalkola Chalk Markers: Review & Giveaway

standard March 29, 2017 7 responses

We’re big fans of big chunky markers in this house. Short Rib not so much because we don’t let him near them, but I in particular love labelling stuff. I’m a little strange like that, but if I can make things even more obvious, I’ll do it. When following Slimming World, I’ll write all sorts of syn values on packets of food and label tupperware of non-obvious foods to be sure. I once put salt in a cake thinking it was sugar, so I now have an irrational fear of doing it again.

So, when Chalkola gave me the chance to test out their range of Chalk Markers and metallic marker pens, I was all over it. Because if there’s anything better than a decent marker, it’s one you can wipe off when you’re finished. These markers boast being washable and with the ability to be wiped clean from any non-porous surface, such as glass or plastic.

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Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day

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save money

We all want to save money. Sometimes it’s for certain things like holidays, birthdays or Christmas festivities but otherwise, it’s just nice to know that you have a buffer in the bank for when the unexpected happens. It’s something that over the years I personally have struggled with, and this year we have started to make a real effort to count the pennies and make sure that we’re able to get into some good habits with our money.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned some tips and tricks to help make sure that we budget properly, avoid overspending and take responsibility for our cash from one month to the next. Here are my top five super simple tips to make sure your money goes further and that life becomes a little easier for you and yours.

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