Best Ways To Relieve Chicken Pox

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Well… at least it is out of the way. We knew Chicken Pox were coming but just not quite… that soon. In a lot of ways, I’d rather Short Rib get rid of them at the age of one than when he’s five. It was a bit of a naff week, with a couple of sleepless nights but to be fair, our boy was a real trooper. Considering how itchy he must have been, there were very few whinges.

We did a lot of research from the minute we found his first spot, because whilst we knew it wasn’t dangerous, there was an overwhelming feeling of helplessness when it came to this. We couldn’t do a great deal to help, there’s no cure and we could only imagine how uncomfortable our little boy was (neither of us remember it, after all). We tried a LOT of things to try and help… here are the ones that worked best for us.

Stripping Off

During the week, arguably the happiest our boy got was when he was naked. He was sweaty, he was itchy and covered in spots. The last thing he wanted was to cover them with clothes and irritate them. I was worried about giving him so much scope to scratch the spots, but this had the opposite effect I was expecting. He scratched less and was far easier to entertain when he wasn’t clothed.

I’m not sure how much of this had to do with the chicken pox, and how much of it was to do with simply being a toddler, but it’s something to perhaps try if it’s warm enough and your little one is super uncomfortable.

Piriton Syrup

I had never known that this could possibly help with itching. As a non-sufferer, I associate hay fever with watering eyes and sneezing, but this syrup helped us at night times in particular. It helps relieve the itching sensation without irritating any of the scabs or spots. This syrup is generally a hay fever remedy, but it is also marketed as a treatment for chicken pox symptoms. 

Oatmeal Baths

Another weird one, but this was awesome on a number of levels for our boy. A tepid bath was relief in itself but a sock full of porridge oats to play with was hitting the jackpot for a nearly two-year-old boy. The oatmeal is supposed to soothe the skin, hydrate it and stop the itching. It does work, oddly, and most households will have porridge oats in the back of a cupboard somewhere. We put a big, generous portion in a clean sock and kept it under the running tap whilst we ran the bath. We then just left the sock for Short Rib to play with

If he could have stayed in that bath for the entire evening, he probably would have done.

Calamine Lotion

A classic remedy that has been rendered a bit obsolete. I bought some anyway. A little out of desperation and little out of just wanting to do all I possibly could to help. It provided some short term relief and cooling for the spots, but it is messy. Really, REALLY messy. Good thing is it’s cheap and readily available at supermarkets, so if you’re happy with the mess, get stocked up on this stuff.


It sounds a bit strange, but this also helped Short Rib. It took the edge off the general lousiness he was feeling. He did run a temperature for most of the week and he was quite lethargic, so this just made him more comfortable. It is really important to note at this stage that you must NOT give your child Ibuprofen (Neurofen etc) if they are suffering from chicken pox. In rare cases, it can cause serious side effects and it’s just not worth that small risk.

Stick with Calpol every four hours (hopefully less if your little one isn’t too bad) to keep the temperature under control.

The internet is full of different remedies for chicken pox but the fact is that there is no cure. Nurseries will generally have them back as soon as all of the spots scab over, which takes between 7 and 10 days. We had prior warning too… during the court of April, over 60 kids in the one nursery were confirmed as having chicken pox, so if you get wind of an infection taking place at your child’s nursery or school, get stocked up on porridge, Calpol and Piriton.

Everyone will get through it with enough love, hugs and cooling lotion!


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