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I love blogs. I love them even more now that I’m part of the little community and  I’ve stumbled across a bunch of blogs that I just adore, for all sorts of different reasons and the wonderful Inspire & Flourish Linky has given me the perfect opportunity to let you in on some of my absolute favourite reads from my fellow bloggers.

Of course, there are hundreds (probably thousands actually) of bloggers out there, but these five are some of my favourites for different reasons…

Kate is just wonderful and her corner of the internet is absolutely no exception – if you need advice or guidance on basically anything, this is where you need to go. Health, relationships, kids, finance, the sheer breadth of her knowledge is pretty incredible. Fellow gamer as well as an all-round awesome lady, you should definitely go and check out her blog, for features on anything you’ll ever need.

Becky over at Cuddle Fairy is freaking wonderful – her blog posts are always entertaining, regardless of their content but she’s also just massively helpful in every possible way if you’re new to this blogging thing like we are. A bunch of blogging tips and tricks, as well as a pristine example of how to do a blog and do it well. I love reading her posts and joining in with her linkups. She’s also up for best parenting blog, so if you love her blog as much as I do, be sure to vote for her as well.

When you have a parenting blog, it really helps if you kid is super cute. Enter Sarah and the absolutely adorable Gremlin over at Run Jump Scrap! Full of adorable stories of Gremlin’s adventures, as well as, for now, updates on the family’s new arrival. Run, Jump, Scrap is what I would describe as cute. It is a really frigging cute blog – it makes me smile every time I read it.

I have only just recently discovered Geraldine at Over Heaven’s Hill and to be honest I’m a bit gutted I didn’t find it sooner. As a fellow working mum, it’s great to see blog posts I can totally relate to, but what I really love on Geraldine’s blog are her series posts, Sunday Sit-Down (which shows off her incredible creative writing prowess, check out Comfortable Silence for a top notch read) and In Conversation With (which I am TOTALLY going to try and bag an invite to soon). Check them both out and the rest of Geraldine’s blog. Again, we have a potential award winner here, so if you love her blog, she’s on the longlist for the Blog Awards Ireland – keep your eyes peeled for that shortlist!

Geraldine also roped in her other half for the Daddy Tag Challenge – this in turn inspired me to get Wes back on the blogging horse and do his bit for the challenge. Expect that post to appear in the next couple of days to get yourself reacquainted with the other half of the team!

All The Beautiful Things was one of the first blogs I ever started reading, not long after I found out I was pregnant with Short Rib. Her youngest Elarna is a few months older than him, so I’m always interested in seeing what they’re all up to! True to its name, it’s one of the prettiest blogs out there, as well as being a heartfelt reflection on all things parenting. Check out her post on Our World Right Now, which looks at her view on the madness that seems to be sweeping the new at the moment and the views of other bloggers too!

So there you are! Five bloggers you should check out as well as me, all for different reasons, all equally awesome reads. Let me know in the comments your favourites that I should check out and how they might have inspired your in different ways.

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