3 Steps To Calculate How Much Your Five Pound Note Is Worth

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calculate how much your five pound note is worth

So the polymer bank notes are now in full circulation and are replacing the old style £5 notes at a rapid pace. Winston Churchill’s face is invading wallets all over the country, but for some people they are a tiny polymer gold mine. With the release of the notes, came the news that certain serial numbers were worth a huge amount to collectors – so how much is your fiver worth?

After our Facebook selling adventures, it turns out that everyone should be flogging these new notes immediately. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to what you should look out for on these pretty new notes and how to calculate how much yours is worth.

The new notes are see-through!

I mean that’s cool… you might not like the slippery new feel of them, and you’ve tried your hardest to rip it just to prove the extensive scientific tests wrong, but I love that you can see straight through the little window that invariably used to always have numbers written in on the old notes.

We’re in the future now. We have holograms.

The crappy sticker things, not projections of 3D images like in the films. Below the see-through window, the word “Five” written below it, magically turns into “Pounds” when you move it just right,. The coronation crown above Big Ben also pops out at you. It may as well be real.  

Big Ben is different colours…

Yeah you definitely didn’t notice that on your new investment did you? Just to assert Her Maj’s superiority, Big Ben is gold on her side of the note (which is the front, naturally) but when you turn it over to Winnie’s side, it’s actually silver. Suck on that, second place.

So they’re swish, we get that.

But How Much Is Your Fiver Worth?

So let me tell you how you can figure out how much your polymer bank note is worth with this easy step by step guide.



Now if we can all stop trying to flog them on Facebook for two hundred quid and get back to our normal lives, that would be wonderful. The bids on eBay are not genuine, a serial number of AK03 means absolutely nothing.

Give it to your window cleaner and move on.


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