I Can’t Believe It’s Been Two Years

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I can’t believe it’s been two years since we welcomed you into the world. Since, after making me wait an extra week to meet you, you finally entered our lives. For the last two years, you have brought nothing but love, joy and wonder to our lives – every single day you continue to amaze me. You’re such a clever little thing (perhaps too clever for your own good) and it’s almost hard to imagine you as the tiny little baby that entered the world on that Sunday morning.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know many two year olds, but you’re definitely the best one.

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Is Being A Stay At Home Parent Right For Your Family?

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If you’re currently pregnant (your maybe your partner is), you are probably weighing up all the pros and cons of being a stay-at-home parent after the birth. There are many reasons why lots of people choose to quit their job so that they can become full-time mums. When I was pregnant, I’d had loved to have been a position to jack in my job and stay at home with my little one all the time, but financially that simply wasn’t viable for us. For a lot of people it is though. It drastically cuts down the costs of childcare and it will give you a lot more time to bond with your child. But is it really worth it?

There are so many portrayals of the stay-at-home parent that show it to be a really wholesome and fulfilling role and I’m sure it is, in the main. However, what people don’t show are the downsides to it. So, to try and debunk the whole myth of the stay-at-home mum (from someone who isn’t one, and couldn’t be one), here are some of the cons that you should expect to experience along with all the pros.

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Guest Post: How Snacking Can Help Develop Healthy Eating Habits

standard June 26, 2017 1 response

Snacking is beginning to get a bit of a bad name these days. Over the past couple of decades, kid’s diets have seen snacks take on more and more of a significant role. Sadly, the increasing role of snacking has been met with a delayed increase in attention from many parents. Dinner is still the main event and it is where our focus lies.

The dinner table is where we try to educate our kids about food and trying to get nutritious fodder into our unappreciative dinners that would rather be eating beige food in front of the telly! There is a lot of pressure at the dinner table these days. Snacking is often something that our kids pester us about (sometimes whilst they are actually eating their dinner!) and is met with quick, easy (unhealthy), on demand fixes.
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Your Dream Date Night

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Date nights are awesome… but we don’t have many these days. Our parents don’t live all that locally and, frankly, we don’t get enough time with our Short Rib to want to give him up for a night and do anything else. That said, in a recent charity raffle at his nursery, we won what I considered to be the star prize. 6 hours of free babysitting with Short Rib’s favourite worker. We’ve been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do and when… but we’re so long out of the dating game, that it’s harder than it sounds.

So, looking for inspiration, I put the question out there.

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The Parenthood Struggle: Why You Don’t Have To Rely On Natural Conception

standard May 26, 2017 1 response

For most couples, becoming a parent is extremely easy. It may take a couple of months to successfully conceive naturally, but eventually, all that trying pays off. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for everyone. For us, we were told we wouldn’t have been able to conceive without help, but then got unexpectedly lucky later on!

There are various reasons why parenthood doesn’t come naturally to couples, most of which are to do with an individual’s health or fertility. But just because you and your partner are unable to conceive naturally, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream of parenthood. Thanks to modern developments in fertility sciences, there are now a few different routes you can take. Simply read on to find out more.

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Savvy Time Management Strategies for Overworked Parents

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Multitasking goes with the territory of parenting but it can often feel like you are spinning plates. Juggling all of your work and family commitments, it only takes one thing to go wrong for everything else to come crashing down too.

Making the best use of your time and creating an organisational system that works for you, your family  and your busy life is the key to being an overworked parent who is at least coping with all the calls on your time.

Here are some strategies and tips to keep all those plates spinning, including why one planner is always enough, a smart way to get discounts when they are available, plus some tips on how to make mornings work better.

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