Get A Second Family Car Without Sinking Your Finances

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It’s likely that your family has already got one car. They’re becoming a necessity in this day and age, where the commute is a very real struggle and trying to lug more than one child onto public transport is almost impossible. You might use it as a family at weekends to go out and about, see your family and do the school runs (and fight for a legal parking space).

But there might come to a time where you need to consider getting a second car… just like we did. We work at two very different places and now we have a toddler to get to and from nursery every day. With just the one car, that simply wasn’t possible. However, a second family car is an expense that lots of families might struggle to afford. I know that we had to do a lot of digging down the back of sofas when we got ours last year and that’s what this post is about.

If you’re thinking of a second car, here are a couple of ways that might become a reality sooner than you think.

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Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Weaning

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Weaning is a journey unlike any other – one full of trepidation, excitement and sometimes utter chaos. It should just be instinct, we should just be born with the ability and in-built knowledge to be able to eat a chip without choking on it. But these are babies we’re talking about and no such instinct exists. You start introducing your tiny one to new and exciting things and you open up the door to a whole heap of trouble.

We are now very much at the end of the weaning journey – we have a toddler who will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him, so long as he’s in the mood and I’ve even got to a stage where I might even turn my back on him whilst he eats his tea. Not for very long, mind. It wasn’t always like that though. Weaning was a tremendous pain in the arse and a process I found a bind almost from start to finish.

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Why Am I Awake?

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Why Am I Awake

Sometimes, we have those sorts of nights where for whatever reason, sleep is not happening. We may desperately want or need it to but you’re sat there, wide awake and your brain is racing with ideas, thoughts and worries that you cannot seem to shake. Earlier this week, I had one such night where the two men of the house were asleep and I was just up. Up and not about either, which sort of annoyed me, because I could have and should have got some jobs done.

Instead, I lay there. Asking the same question of myself over and over again.

“Why am I awake?”

I’ll tell you why I’m awake.

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The Difference A Year Makes

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The Difference A Year Makes

We’re well into the “New Year, New You” phase of 2017. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with my latest attempts to lose weight and jack in the takeaways. However, what I want to concentrate on this year is the things that people accomplished over the past year. The things that my fellow bloggers couldn’t do a year ago, but now can. Small wins, big wins, they all count in this post. It’s amazing the difference one year can make.

So if you’re still not sure whether to even bother giving it a go this year, have a look at a couple of these little tidbits that show you any goal is worth working towards.

So I asked a bunch of fellow bloggers what they can do now that they couldn’t at the beginning of 2016.

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Today I Learned You’re Not A Baby Anymore…

standard October 27, 2016 2 responses

The most awesome thing happened the other night and having read this post from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful about their experiences of ditching dummies, and the learning curve it involves, I felt inspired to write about it. 

I read to Short Rib most nights (the exceptions being those odd occasions where he has flaked out earlier than we expected) and we have a bunch of books to keep him entertained. We started with Barry the Fish with Fingers, but we’ve moved on to a few more now. He loves it. He loves the voices but most of all, he loves the pictures.

At first, I thought it was just colours, but the other night I realised that my little Short Rib is growing up and the pictures aren’t just meaningless splashes anymore, but real things that are fuelling his imagination.

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Tattoo Regrets – Blogtober Day #16

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Piercings and tattoos… it’s a bit of a cringeworthy subject to be honest. I have (and have had) both. Obviously the tattoos are still here but the vast majority of my piercings are long gone. Fact is, I haven’t had a new tattoo or piercing in ten years.18 year old Amy, about to go to University and generally a bit of a plonker thought they were awesome. 28 year old Amy, who has a husband, a son and a career, thinks they’re a bit shit. Regrets, I have them, yes.

But, as part of the Blogtober challenge, I have to talk about them. So talk about them I will… begrudgingly though.

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