Five Pre-Parent Assumptions That Were Totally Right

standard August 29, 2016 1 response

We recently posted about pre-parent assumptions that we got completely wrong (he’s one now, so we’re clearly experts) but we weren’t all mouth. We were right about a lot of things, including one in particular that we were super stuck on. It’s not fair to just list the failures either, so we’ve put together a list of the stuff we got right before the baby came. Because we have our smug boots on.

There are a lot of perceptions that you have as an expectant parent. A lot of things that people will tell you and you form your own opinion on what you think sounds good and what might sound like nonsense. Once the baby arrives you are proven right in some ways and wrong in most others. Here are a list of the pre-birth perceptions we had, in particular the ones we were right about.

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The Daddy Tag Challenge

standard August 12, 2016 3 responses

So most of you already know that this blog is a joint enterprise, between myself and Wes (aka Daddy) but realistically I have more time to do this than he does (because I’m gobbier, clearly) so when Frenchie Mummy came up with the brilliant #TheDaddyTag Challenge, I had to rope Wes in and get him to pull his finger out on the blog front. I mean, how hard can it be to answer some questions right?

So, I’m being a lazy blogger today – you can all get to know Wes a little bit more (until I’m nominated for the Mummy Tag Challenge, so you’ll be waiting a while there!)

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Breastfeeding: Why It Wasn’t For Us

standard October 20, 2015 16 responses

When you find out you’re expecting, you have a whole host of ideal scenarios. One of the most thought about and at times controversial is how to you choose to feed your baby. I had my ideal situation: I was going to breastfeed whilst I was on maternity leave and express once I went back to work so that I could provide milk for Mason when I wasn’t with him. However, as is not uncommon with feeding a baby, the reality was not like the expectation.

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Finally We Are Parents: Our Birth Story

standard August 20, 2015 4 responses

Where the hell have we been?! Yes, I know, the sudden disappearance was a little bit unacceptable but in the run up to the big day, things just got a bit hectic. I thought that maternity leave would mean more time to work on the blog, but what it actually meant was more time for people to come and visit me, time to be in to take parcels, supervise workmen and decorate a nursery. Turns out I was busier once I finished work than I was when I was still there. However we are back, with the long awaited birth story fresh from the Countess of Chester Hospital.

You’ll remember in our July Bucket List (that list which was dumped out of the window pretty sharpish. We’ll start again in September!) that one of the items on there was to have a baby. Didn’t manage that one either, because we went all the way to 41 weeks and 1 day before the little man made his long awaited arrival. He’d clearly heard me moaning about the idea of being induced and how it meant that none of my birth plan would be able to happen and whatever else I was chewing Wes’ ear off with that Saturday night. On 1st August, we decided we were doing nothing, knowing it was the very last weekend we would ever have to ourselves for the foreseeable future. It was glorious, all the way until 11:30pm, just as we were getting into bed and I fired up the Playstation Vita for a bit of unwinding before going to sleep.

That is when the whole thing started.

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Top Five Future Moments That’re Making Me Want To Skip The Baby Stage

standard July 9, 2015 2 responses

Yeah I said it. I see a lot of talk of new parent ‘baby’ excitement on the internet. A plethora of ‘firsts’ being looked forward to; giggles, words, steps, piano symphonies, whatever. I’m more about the long con. Babies are alright, I’ll love all of mine (yes I’m planning more already) unconditionally and will never see them harmed but I’m also fully and gleefully able to admit that for the initial months (years?) together they’re ugly, crying, demanding and expensive poop and vomit factories. What really warms my cockles is all the things I’ll be sharing with my son when he’s old enough to know that soiling oneself is neither fun nor remotely acceptable. Here are 5 things I literally do have to wait for (but don’t want to have to!) because we can’t skip the baby stage:

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