Beauty & The Beast Peep Inside A Fairytale: Review & Giveaway

standard March 16, 2017 28 responses

So Beauty & the Beast is out – everybody’s been waiting over a year since the first announcement for the live action reimagining of this classic and it’s finally here. Annnnd, I haven’t seen it. Sorry. Short Rib isn’t really cut out for sitting in a loud cinema for two uninterrupted hours yet. I hear it’s great though! So there’s still definitely reason to celebrate the theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast.

The way we are doing it, is a little more toddler friendly though thanks to the wonderful people at Usborne books. They have an amazing range called “Peep Inside a Fairytale” which boasts its newest addition as being none other than Beauty and the Beast. Re-told by Anna Millborn, this beautiful book is way more than your average lift-the-flap tale.

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What is the Best Baby Formula? (PLUS a $50 giveaway!)

standard February 27, 2017 87 responses
best formula

Our post title is kind of misleading. There’s no way on earth to determine the best formula for newborns (or indeed any baby) and we all know that – in the UK especially, the contents of them are largely the same, heavily regulated and they all taste rank. No seriously, have you ever tried formula milk as an adult? Yuck. This guide is more about the best baby formula for your circumstances and needs, if this is how you choose to feed your child.

I posted on this subject last week and frankly it took a lot out of me. This post, however, is more of an informative piece about what to look out for when choosing baby formula. Every newborn and every parent is totally different and it can be a bit daunting that when you’ve decided to formula feed your newborn, there are still a tonne of different brands and products to choose from. 

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Stick to Stigu Planner 2017 Review & Giveaway

standard February 15, 2017 61 responses

I am big on planning… in particular I love to write things down. Lists, plans, ideas, recipes, weekly meal sheets, you name it and I love to write it down. By hand (notes on your iPhone simply will not do) and preferably on something pretty. I struggle sometimes with the last bit, and I have scraps of old jotter pads with blog post ideas floating around in my handbag. Not a great look by anyone’s standards. So when the folks at Stigu gave us the opportunity to review one of their Stick to Stigu planners, you can imagine that i jumped at the chance.

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Kaya Jewellery Review & Giveaway!

standard February 8, 2017 165 responses
Kaya Jewellery

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day like, soon and that means you’ve got to think about presents all over again! I’m a big fan of jewellery so when Kaya Jewellery gave us the chance to sample one of their pieces for review, I jumped at the opportunity to look at a new player in the field of handmade, personalised items. We all know what a great gift personalised stuff makes.

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The Book of Everyone Wise Words: Review & Giveaway

standard December 7, 2016 73 responses

What do you get for the girl that has everything? Alright, so she doesn’t have everything but in reality my little sister is getting to that age where she’s more and more difficult to buy for. When I hit sixteen, people basically just resorted to throwing money at me because I was that hard to buy for (and still am, I’m afraid!). With Christmas just around the corner, we were struggling to get her something that she’d really like, until we stumbled across The Book of Everyone Wise Words range.

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Santa’s Surprise Giveaway: £250 of Amazon Vouchers

standard November 1, 2016 9 responses

Oh my goodness me, it’s November. When on earth did that happen? (Well, today, actually). This year has just flown by and it shocks me every time we get to the end of a year. This year however I am bossing the whole “run up to Christmas” thing – I’ve bought nearly all of my Christmas presents and I’m resisting the urge to get wrapping. We’re talking about getting our tree after our upcoming trip to Bruges and it’s all feeling a lot more festive.

Of course, festivities mean cash and we all feel the squeeze more than ever at this time of year. So we, along with a bunch of other lovely wonderful bloggers have teamed up to give you the best pre-Christmas present ever. Not one, but TWO of them.

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