Santa’s Surprise Giveaway: £250 of Amazon Vouchers

standard November 1, 2016 9 responses

Oh my goodness me, it’s November. When on earth did that happen? (Well, today, actually). This year has just flown by and it shocks me every time we get to the end of a year. This year however I am bossing the whole “run up to Christmas” thing – I’ve bought nearly all of my Christmas presents and I’m resisting the urge to get wrapping. We’re talking about getting our tree after our upcoming trip to Bruges and it’s all feeling a lot more festive.

Of course, festivities mean cash and we all feel the squeeze more than ever at this time of year. So we, along with a bunch of other lovely wonderful bloggers have teamed up to give you the best pre-Christmas present ever. Not one, but TWO of them.

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GIVEAWAY: Barefoot Coaching Cards For New Parents

standard September 21, 2016 Leave a response

You’ll remember at the beginning of the month, we were part of the #YouGotThis Blog Tour with our friends over at Barefoot Coaching Cards. We genuinely could not speak highly enough of the cards themselves and the questions that they contained for new parents. We were really, really impressed with them! Now, we are happy to say that they are back on the blog because we have another fabulous giveaway for one lucky reader.

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Tommee Tippee Mini Moments Milestone Cards Giveaway #ParentOn

standard August 22, 2016 43 responses

Milestone cards are big business now – so many of them, giving a new quirky way of showing off your baby’s milestone. Well Tommee Tippee are all for it, but with the added twist that everyone really needs. These adorable Mini Moments milestone cards have everything you want to show off your baby’s progression as well as the… you know, other side of parenting. The bits that in any other circumstances you wouldn’t want to share… like humiliating mum in public, explosive nappies and generally being totally unreasonable.

We had a bit of an accident over the weekend, in which Short Rib decided to fall face first into our TV cabinet and he’s bitten his lip (he’s fine by the way, it’s basically healed within the last two days) but needless to say he was not in the mood for being photographed. So I settled for one of his foot and the appropriate card for the incident.

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GIVEAWAY: £150 of Amazon Vouchers

standard August 17, 2016 62 responses

Summer is almost over I’m afraid folks… just a few more weeks of this freakishly hot weather before we go to utter darkness at four in the afternoon, everything in the garden deciding to die and packing away the parasols for another year. I know, massive bummer. But we’ve teamed up with a bunch of our lovely blogger friends to bring you something to be cheery about, even when the weather’s not. 

We are, incredibly excited to provide you with the opportunity to win an incredible prize (and a not-so shabby runner-up prize too!) in conjunction with these wonderful bloggers in our Scorching Summer Giveaway!

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Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case: Review & Giveaway

standard August 10, 2016 129 responses

Like most people, I’m surgically attached to my phone. It gets my e-mails, my social media, I run my blog from it when I’m not at home. It’s a massive part of me and therefore I think it’s really important that you have the option to make it as personal to you and a customised as you can. The easiest way to do that is by grabbing yourself a personalised phone case from the awesome guys over at – where you can customise your case with your own photos and text, to make your case just as unique as you are.

We were really stoked to be asked to review this awesome service, and I got to create my own phone case for the purpose of this review. To put it through the more thorough test, we decided to do it for my phone, rather than Wes’ because he is a bit more tech savvy than I am and we needed to see how easy it was to make your case. The review is mainly me, but Wes is also going to stick his oar in because he is incredibly difficult to please when it comes to phone cases.

And what’s best is that the lovely people over at have provided you with a chance to win your own, totally bespoke phone case for a phone of your choice. Details of the giveaway are at the end of our post! 

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