Keeping Your Family Healthy and Safe When You Travel

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There’s nothing quite like a family getaway to rejuvenate spirits and have an incredible time together. The Duxbury household are five weeks away from our first fortnight break in three years and our second abroad trip with Short Rib. While those moments of sun-kissed bliss will make it all worthwhile (yeah, not looking forward to the four hour flight with a two year old), there are a few difficult moments that can crop up during the holiday experience.

Before you go, there’s packing and logistical issues to take care of. When you’re there, you run the risk of something going slightly wrong, like a family member falling ill or the dreaded poolside injury. While you can’t always stop that from happening, you can prepare well to reduce the chances of it being serious.

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Are You Driving Yourself Into Debt?

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Owning a road vehicle isn’t cheap. I’ve had one for just over a year (meaning we’re now a two car household!) and I was totally unaware of how much it costs to run. Driving costs can often be the reason for many people’s financial struggles, but for a lot of us, having a car is a necessity. You shouldn’t have to sell your vehicle and resort to a life of public transport as a result (in some cases, this may be even more expensive).

So, with that in mind, here are just a few ways that you can lower your running costs and keep yourself on the road.

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Sick Parents: How to Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy When You’re Feeling Down

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It can be hard enough managing your kids and keeping them happy when you’re fit and healthy. So what happens  if you’re unwell for a few days? We’ve all been there after all. You want nothing more than to lie in bed or on the couch to relax, but your kids simply don’t understand why you can’t play with them. Because it’s not socially acceptable to lock yourself locked in the one room to avoid infecting the entire neighbourhood, you will be forced to show your face at some point.

Of course, normally, when you explain to your kids that you need to rest because you’re tired and sick, they will respond with warmth and sympathy, and will even quiet down for a while to help you nap. Not Short Rib, mind, he’s a bit too young to understand what illness even is, despite his recent bout of the pox.  With the younger ones (and sometimes even the older ones) even the heaviest colds won’t put them off and they’ll soon come to you hoping for fun and games. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to respond with something other than a groan and rolling over on the sofa.

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A Novice Runner’s Wishlist

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So, as you heard, we’re off on holiday in two months and in a bid to try and ditch some pounds before I go, I’ve started running! Not very far and not very fast, but I’m out there. I’ve signed up toa 5k Colour Run in September, so I certainly want to be in shape for that (and at least beat my Mum, who’s also doing it!).

I’m very much at the beginning of my running journey and whether I fancy taking it up properly remains to be seen. It’s all well and good when it’s nice and sunny but am I really going to want to get out there and run in November? I’m not sure… but I have a nice set of would-haves if I decide to do it properly… this is my wishlist as a (very) novice runner!

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A Turbulent First Year: Why My Car Hates Me

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I’ve had my car for a little over a year now. I’ve managed to clock up 7,000 miles in that short time and it has been one hell of a ride. That pun was absolutely intended.

However, I’m quick to point out that my journey with Taylor (because she’s a Swift. Hur Hur) has not been a particularly smooth or easy one. Far from it in fact… I thought I’d let you know of the issues that I had in the 12 months after I bought Taylor from a relatively respectable (if a bit pushy) gentleman in the Sheffield area.

I mean, it had been MOT’d the week before and passed with no advisories. Gotta be fine, right?


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Your Guide To Getting Onto The Property Ladder

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Do you dream of holding the keys to a new home in your hands? If so you’re not alone. Most of us have an inherent wish to be a homeowner someday. Wes and me have been toiling away at trying to get there for ages, but we realise that nursery fees have put paid to that for now. Doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about it though.  

In the past, it was very common for young people to leave home in their 20’s and buy a house. My grandparents tell me that they got their house for around £1,500 and borrowed the money from my grandad’s employer to get it! Can you imagine that now? Today, the situation is very different, and it’s not uncommon for people in their 30’s or even their 40’s to struggle to get onto the property ladder.

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