When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right…

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When you’re taken ill, be it a slow burner or a sudden turn, you will encounter a bunch of medical professionals. People who have studied for years, even decades, to be the best in their field. These are the people trained to get you back to normal and back to living your life and 99.5% of the time, they are wonderful people who do an amazing job. However, they are human and occasionally you’ll come across mistakes… or even more sinister intention, in very, very exceptional cases, just like one that has recently come to light, resulting in a Surgeon being jailed for fifteen years. Believe me, as someone who works in law, they are the exception… a very, tiny exception. 

The fact is, you should be able to look at your doctor and know that they have your best interest at heart. And they do almost always, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t make a mistake every now and then. There is such a thing as human error, and it does apply to doctors as well as the rest of the working population. You can’t guarantee a doctor won’t mistake that will endanger your life or potentially damage your health. It sadly comes with the territory of a job such as theirs. 

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How To Identify Common Health Conditions In Children

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Children are in a vulnerable state while they’re young and growing. Their immune systems are still developing, taking in information from the world around them. White blood cells are forming and taking in all the viruses, infections and bile antigens that will eventually increase the fortitude of the health system for the child into adulthood. However, to catch any serious or impending health concerns quickly, you need to be vigilant and look out for signs which could help you in stopping the issue going any further.

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A Novice Runner’s Wishlist

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So, as you heard, we’re off on holiday in two months and in a bid to try and ditch some pounds before I go, I’ve started running! Not very far and not very fast, but I’m out there. I’ve signed up toa 5k Colour Run in September, so I certainly want to be in shape for that (and at least beat my Mum, who’s also doing it!).

I’m very much at the beginning of my running journey and whether I fancy taking it up properly remains to be seen. It’s all well and good when it’s nice and sunny but am I really going to want to get out there and run in November? I’m not sure… but I have a nice set of would-haves if I decide to do it properly… this is my wishlist as a (very) novice runner!

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What is the Best Baby Formula? (PLUS a $50 giveaway!)

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best formula

Our post title is kind of misleading. There’s no way on earth to determine the best formula for newborns (or indeed any baby) and we all know that – in the UK especially, the contents of them are largely the same, heavily regulated and they all taste rank. No seriously, have you ever tried formula milk as an adult? Yuck. This guide is more about the best baby formula for your circumstances and needs, if this is how you choose to feed your child.

I posted on this subject last week and frankly it took a lot out of me. This post, however, is more of an informative piece about what to look out for when choosing baby formula. Every newborn and every parent is totally different and it can be a bit daunting that when you’ve decided to formula feed your newborn, there are still a tonne of different brands and products to choose from. 

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Slimming World Slow Cooker Bolognese – Blogtober Day #10

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Slow Cooker Bolognese

So today (Day 9! Jesus) is all about one thing that I can’t live without. I know a lot of people right here stop and say “My kids, my husband, my phone” yadda, yadda and fair enough I agree. I couldn’t live without Wes and Short Rib and would be a bit unstuck without a phone. As the cold nights are drawing in and it starts to get more wintery though, there’s another item I’d be pretty lost without. That, is my slow cooker.

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My Big Fat Flaky ‘Secret’ – Blogtober Day #4

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Today’s Blogtober theme is sharing a secret about yourself. Mine isn’t a secret from people who know me, but it is a secret in terms of my blogger self. I haven’t ever shared anything about it until today so for day four of Blogtober, we’re talking about something that affects me massively every day, but I don’t know how to spell it without Google. This is seborrheic dermatitis.

And it’s awful.

It’s a skin condition… it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t even really harm me and I know I shouldn’t complain but I am. I’m complaining because it means that I can’t do things that I used to love: I can’t sit in a scalding hot bath for an hour and come out looking like a lobster. I can’t wear make-up anymore without looking like a snake that is part-way through shedding its skin. Wanna wear black Amy? Nah, mate, speckled white with flakes of your face. In the grand scheme of things, these things aren’t big and there are people going through way worse things than I am.

But this ‘disease’ is driving me up the wall.

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