Slimming World – Best Alcohol For Your Syns

standard August 26, 2016 Leave a response

You’ll remember we last did a feature about the Best Barbecue Foods for Your Syns, which got us thinking about booze. There is no barbecue without booze, especially if you’re the one grilling. On Slimming World alcohol is not forbidden like it is on most food plans, but you have to pace yourself and make sensible choices. Always here to provide a service, we have compiled our list of the best alcoholic drinks for your syns.

We have tried to cater for every taste here and limited it to one drink per category (lager, cider, spirits etc) as well as making our choices more suited to the summer barbecue scene. Sorry mulled wine, you’ll have to wait til Christmas. Of course, the choices are huge, especially with the spirits where most are similar syn values, so be sure to let us know your favourite syn-friendly tipple!

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Five Sports You Only Care About At The Olympics

standard July 28, 2016 2 responses

It’s nearly the freaking Olympics and that means only one thing: hours sat in front of the television at ungodly hours watching sports I otherwise have no interest in. I do it every two years, for both the Summer and Winter Olympics. The last time they were hosted in London, I had just moved in with Wes and had two glorious weeks off before starting my new job. It was spent watching the BBC rather than unpacking. I even made Wes purchase a TV licence so I could watch it all live legally.

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Five ‘Healthy’ Things That Will Sabotage Your Diet

standard July 8, 2016 1 response

It was only when I first seriously started Slimming World three years ago that I realised just how awful marketing was for the average diet. There were so many things that were marketed as being ‘healthy’ that are awful for weight loss. I’d made so many mistakes before following a set plan that it was no wonder that I did nothing but expand for so long. These things are totally out to sabotage your diet and undo all your hard work on those scales!

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Slimming World – The Five Best Savoury Snacks For Your Syns

standard October 26, 2015 4 responses

Disclaimer: I thought long and hard (about 20 seconds worth of internal debating, it’s a lot for me) about adding cheese to this Slimming World list. Cheese is godly and is the supreme overlord of savouriness, but I didn’t think it fit in this post. Perhaps it should have its own? Or perhaps it’s too good to trivialise on a blog. Go buy some and healthy A the F out of it. Thanks for the kcals, cheese.

Only love for the chocolate, Amy? No savoury snacking? Shame on you! You’ve, many times, heard my assertions that chocolate and crisps should be bed buddies and eaten together. Not literally at the same time though, gross. Just one, then the lovely other. This is why I’m fat isn’t it? Ah well; read on everyone…

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Breastfeeding: Why It Wasn’t For Us

standard October 20, 2015 16 responses

When you find out you’re expecting, you have a whole host of ideal scenarios. One of the most thought about and at times controversial is how to you choose to feed your baby. I had my ideal situation: I was going to breastfeed whilst I was on maternity leave and express once I went back to work so that I could provide milk for Mason when I wasn’t with him. However, as is not uncommon with feeding a baby, the reality was not like the expectation.

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Slimming World Weigh In – Week One

standard October 16, 2015 2 responses

We’re on the wagon again. Yes, back at Slimming World again. Attending our local group with the new addition (he isn’t being weighed though) and hoping to shed as much as we can before our wedding on 15th November. It’s going to be a busy month or so for us, but we are prepared and we’re documenting our weight loss journey here. Again.

So how did our first week go? Pretty well.

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