3 Ways Technology Is Helping Us Live Longer

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One of the most important aspects of life is preserving yourself for the later years. Usually, this means a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and avoiding injuries and illnesses. Sadly, this isn’t always possible because we don’t live in a plastic bubble. We are all exposed to the outside world and all its harmful bacteria floating around all over the place, tripping hazards, fast cars, rollercoasters… danger everywhere, hah.

Thankfully, researchers are always looking for new ways to improve our lives, and in the past decade, we’ve seen countless new innovations that have helped us bolster our health to make us live longer, healthier and happier lives. To give you three ideas on how technology has helped us, here are a few advances that we’ve seen in recent years that can have a serious impact on your wellbeing.

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7 Things To Consider When Introducing Technology To Your Home

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It might sound a little odd to prepare a post about technology that isn’t describing all the new tech gadgets that you need at home. It sounds even more old-fashioned to spread the thought that technology can sometimes be bad. After all, in a world where you can pay coffee from your smartphone, the idea of showing the dark side of technology feels a little ludicrous. It’s a debate however that rages constantly, especially in the parenting world where kids know their way around a tablet better than their parents by their 3rd birthday.

So let’s discuss it! Is it the devil incarnate, that kids shouldn’t touch? Or should your entire household get on the gadgetry as soon as possible? There are pros and cons of course. It’s is about the possible life-changing consequences that the use of tech could have in the short and long terms on people, their lifestyle, and their social and mental development.

So should you be living in the tech house of the future? You should consider these points…

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Top Tech Gadgets to Calm Your Nerves While Driving

standard May 26, 2017 1 response

Driving can be stressful especially if the traffic or weather is bad or you’re running late. If like me, you’ve had a long break before getting back behind the wheel, it can be a long time before you become completely comfortable behind the wheel of your car. Whilst you get there, it’s a struggle and can knock your confidence before you’ve even gone anywhere.

Being nervous while driving is not only uncomfortable, it can also distract you and make it harder to operate your vehicle safely. If driving sometimes gives you the jitters, these gadgets may be able to help. They’re also great if you just like to feel futuristic in your motor!

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Facebook Selling 101

standard October 28, 2016 1 response

So I’m having a clear out. I’ve got a tonne of stuff from when Short Rib was little and as a result I’m trying to flog it. It turns out nobody really does eBay anymore. Instead it’s all about Facebook and their brand new shiny Marketplace feature. It’s pretty simple. Photos, price, boom. It should be wonderful and instead, as I have found in the approximately three hours I’ve been a Facebook seller, it is utter hell.

I decided to widen my audience, so my stuff has also gone on Shpock and Gumtree because they’re easy to do from my phone. That is just as ridiculous as Facebook.

Here is how I’ve spent my time on my day off from work.

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My Name Is Amy & I’m An Addict – Blogtober Day #8

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There. I said it. I’m addicted. I don’t know why or how it started, but now it’s out in the open and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My husband’s addicted too so it’s not like he’s much help in all this. We just can’t stop. Sitting there together, just gorging ourselves til we simply can’t do it anymore. Frantically trying to find something else but ultimately coming back to the same thing.

We’re addicted to house hunting shows.

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The Mega Drive Made Me Who I am – Blogtober Day #6

standard October 6, 2016 4 responses

For Day #6 of Blogtober, we have been challenged to discuss our favourite Christmas or Birthday present. The challenge of this for me is picking my favourite. In part because I’ve had some really amazing ones, especially recently, and because I can’t remember most old ones. I’d love to be able to pick the advent calendar that Wes made for me the first year we were together, but it wasn’t really a Christmas present. So after a lot of thought, I’ve gone for the Mega Drive, which helped develop one of my main extra-curricular passions:

Video games.

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