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Date nights are awesome… but we don’t have many these days. Our parents don’t live all that locally and, frankly, we don’t get enough time with our Short Rib to want to give him up for a night and do anything else. That said, in a recent charity raffle at his nursery, we won what I considered to be the star prize. 6 hours of free babysitting with Short Rib’s favourite worker. We’ve been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do and when… but we’re so long out of the dating game, that it’s harder than it sounds.

So, looking for inspiration, I put the question out there.

What’s your ideal date night?

I’m not that sure what mine is… nothing too out there, really. The hopeless romantic in me likes surprises (the rest of me isn’t so keen), so if I knew we were having a date night, I’d maybe book half a day off work on the sly. Make sure the house is gleaming (it won’t stay like that once the toddler is back with us, so it’s a nice treat) and maybe get a roses delivery to our house, so I can set the room all romantic like and attempt to cook a nice meal. Or just order a Chinese, because realistically that would be nicer than anything I can cook.

Then I’d let him watch all the cheesy movies he’s been dying to make me watch. Avatar is presently on the list, so that would probably go on first. I wouldn’t whinge about it either… not even once.

I know. I’m a keeper.

Danielle over at Someone’s Mum is in a similar situation to us it seems, when she described her ideal date:

Really simple – a meal out or cinema. We have no one to babysit, so I have not really had an evening meal out with my husband in 5 years.

Meals out are also on the cards for Lynsey at Mum, That’s Me! But she has a specific type in mind…

I would love to go to a little restaurant on the sea front that sells fresh fish. Followed by a nice walk on the beach.

Debbie from My Boys Club likes a bit of drama with her date nights…

A walk along the coast with fish and chips; the theatre or a comedy club.

Emma from Ready Freddie Go! Sacks off the idea of going out altogether (which isn’t a bad idea if you can’t get a babysitter!)

I love a date night in, kids in bed, blankets on sofa. Prosecco for me and red wine for hubby, we take it in turn to cook a meal and watch a film from when we first got together, most recently Saw (Haha! Oh the romance). It must ALWAYS involve a baked Camembert starter though!

Sophia from Tattooed Tealady likes to get her money’s worth from the babysitter though as she tries to pack as much into date night as she possibly can. I’m exhausted just reading about it! (I’m such an old woman…)

For me, it would be doing something we haven’t been able to do since having W. So a nice meal out, preferably somewhere relaxed that does good steak, followed by a gig or seeing a comedian and maybe a quick trip to the pub for a drink after!

Samantha from Porridge and Parenting has sent me straight back to my childhood in a nearby arcade.

You know what, I love laser quest (I know it’s a children’s game!) and I’d love to go with my husband, but he won’t take me. So my dream date would be that. If I was being more sensible it would probably be a meal out cause I love food, especially when I don’t have to clear up after eating it.

Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings is clearly thinking of taking advantage of the glorious weather the UK is having right now…

A night picnic. Blankets, candles, good food & wine. Lying down together, talking and looking at the stars 💙

Meanwhile, Lauren over at Sophie’s Nursery is looking forward to the conversation.

I love gastro pubs at the moment so would love a 3 course meal with a bottle of prosecco! Really relaxed and no rush to leave would be ideal! Once finished go for a nice evening walk & talk about something other than the kids

Donna from Bobsy’s Mum, is keeping is very simple (which is always best, let’s be honest).

We’d probably go to our favourite restaurant, for a nice walk and then for a couple of drinks. We’re easily pleased!

Lianne from Anklebiters Adventures is also keeping it simple but with a summer theme for her ideal date!

Barbecue at the beach at sunset with drinks and good food!

I guess it takes having kids to appreciate an uninterrupted film at the cinema, as Beth from Twinderelmo explains…

We love the cinema. Primarily as it’s nice to watch a film from start to end without a little person running around and having to make 35 toilet trips!

Hollie, from the very aptly named Thrifty Mum has a few ideas to make sure you don’t need to splash out to enjoy an awesome date.

We like to keep costs down whilst still having fun so we would do a mystery dine mission for a free meal out, two for one at cinema, a free walk through a park and sit by the lake eating home grown strawberries.

Then there’s Victoria from Lylia Rose, who likes to work up a date night appetite a little differently.

I’d love something fun like a place called Jumptastic here where you can bounce around for an hour in the trampoline park, then go for a meal

And finally, Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof, who doesn’t even need a table for her date night.

Portion of chips, drive down the beach and eat them in the car with the sun setting. Having an adult conversation not about kids and work!! Lush!

So I’ve got a lot to go at, but the main thing is to enjoy your time together however you wish to spend it. In or out, whether you’re cooking or eating out – as parents we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves anymore, so make the most of it by doing something you love.

What’s your ideal date night? Any recommendations for what Wes and I can get up to for six whole kid-free hours? Let me know in the comments!


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