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So I’m having a clear out. I’ve got a tonne of stuff from when Short Rib was little and as a result I’m trying to flog it. It turns out nobody really does eBay anymore. Instead it’s all about Facebook and their brand new shiny Marketplace feature. It’s pretty simple. Photos, price, boom. It should be wonderful and instead, as I have found in the approximately three hours I’ve been a Facebook seller, it is utter hell.

I decided to widen my audience, so my stuff has also gone on Shpock and Gumtree because they’re easy to do from my phone. That is just as ridiculous as Facebook.

Here is how I’ve spent my time on my day off from work.

Almost immediately after I posted my items, I got a message about our old TV stand. We aren’t even trying to sell this, we’re giving it away for free. The lady, who is nice enough, asked whether the item was still available. Imagine the relief washing over me: Having put it off for two months, I was finally getting this massive bit of unused furniture out of my kitchen… but no. It wasn’t to be…

Facebook Selling

Notwithstanding that pretty much all of the information she asked for was ALREADY on the post, that was okay. The lady was polite but I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed that I literally could not give this TV stand away. It’s still in my kitchen, laughing at my misery.

Then, came this little gem of an exchange about my “babystuff”. I was almost certain this was a scam from the off – it always is when they’d rather e-mail than text message, but my intense desire to declutter made me a little more optimistic than usual. But no, I was totally right again.

Facebook Selling

These people always say the same thing – they want whatever items you have and probably want to pay more than what you’re asking for. They will always want to pay you via Paypal and have their “agent” pick it up. You’re not selling to a chuffin’ spy. What you’re actually doing is being robbed if you carry on with the transaction. They might pay money into your Paypal account, but they will claim it back from them immediately after they’ve picked up your stuff (and ultimately it will come out of your pocket, because the customer is always right!). So the prams… are still here.

Then over lunch another message about our buggy! Hurrah!

Facebook Selling


You’ve got the answer you clearly wanted… so what’s the hold up? Do you want it or not?! Don’t leave me hanging like that! I want rid of this thing!

I’ve put up maybe six different things for sale today. One has gone – a bundle of adorable tiny clothes from Short Rib that I’ve finally let go of. They included an adorable light up Christmas jumper that I was kind of sad to see go. It was a wonderful, simple transaction that I had hoped to encounter with everything else.

Instead, the big things are still in my kitchen and I have someone else potentially yanking my chain about wanting this bloody travel system.

I absolutely should have done the car boot I was planning months ago…


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