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Hey, I’m here.

I’m the other half of the Mum & Dad duo here at Mum’s The Law. The Father part of the cheesy tagline we’re still mulling over (“Mum’s the law, Dad’s the Sheriff” – go ahead, be honest with your criticism and mocking in the comments).

Sorry for the delay! I know I’ve been notably absent whilst Amy has been laying the foundations of Mum’s The Law but I’ve not been completely uninvolved, I promise. My job so far has been the back end cog turning… the logo creation, some code tweaking, SEO setup, domain management and maybe, only slightly, a little procrastinating around what my first post was to be. Well I’m here now, and soon you’ll have the first post content I decided on; but before I get into it I feel obligated to qualify a few points, about me, with you all:

  • I’m not as good at writing as Amy is. She’s beautiful and charismatic, funny and fun loving but overall she’s intelligent. Sometimes too intelligent (I really don’t like being wrong, sigh). I’m intelligent too (and modest) but less about the arts and more on maths, sciences and grammar pedantism. Yes. I’m one of those, I can’t help it.
  • I want to start delivering my content audio-visually, instead of text walls, but there are 2 reasons you’ll have to wait for that. Firstly, I’ve not yet invested in a decent microphone for YouTube video creation (and won’t until I’ve managed to justify spending that much money – I’ve a baby boy on the way don’t ya know?). Secondly, I have no clue how to start. I’m modern, and tech-savvy, I should know how to edit short videos! But I don’t. I’ll learn.
  • I’m going to be delivering my opinions and information from the perspective of a new father and first (and only) time husband, but it’s not what you’ll expect. My words likely won’t resonate with sports loving, beer drinking ‘light touch’ Dad’s who’d proudly proclaim that “it’s a woman’s job”. I’m a man, but I’m definitely not a lad. You’ll hear about my child’s ‘firsts’, my enthusiasm (and possibly overthinking) towards my wedding vows and our family visits to the zoo to see the newborn giraffe just as much as you’ll hear about BBQs, tools, cars or camping. I know this might cut out a chunk of my potential demographic readers but if you’re in that chunk, at least you know early that I’m probably not someone you want to read about.
  • I manage to keep posts shorter than Amy but I ramble. As you can see. I’ll try not to.

Now that you remaining readers are whittled down to genuinely interested individuals I’ll introduce my thoughts on my first, honest to goodness content (that’s also publishing tonight).

Amy has mentioned previously that we research. A lot. Whenever we need or want something we have to make sure it offers a combination of best value / quality / longevity / style / uniqueness etc. Obviously each factor will vary with the product but we’re generally pretty well informed before any purchase of more than £20, and sometimes less than £20. So, throughout the lifetime of this blog, and probably into my future as a budding YouTuber, ha, I’ll be succinctly passing on my thoughts (although mostly online research based) on Top 5’s of ‘things’. It’ll be baby things, tech things, gaming things, entertainment things… you get the idea; any‘thing’. This first post will be Baby Changing Bags for men; a helping hand through the see of flowery, cartoony, pink & purple offerings spattering most baby sites and shops. We’ve bought, and received, our number 1 choice and we’re both more than happy that that’s the one we now have prepped for Mason’s pending arrival.

Now I’ve warned you that choices 2 – 5 aren’t based on actual hands-on experience, let’s get to the content!


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