Five ‘Healthy’ Things That Will Sabotage Your Diet

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It was only when I first seriously started Slimming World three years ago that I realised just how awful marketing was for the average diet. There were so many things that were marketed as being ‘healthy’ that are awful for weight loss. I’d made so many mistakes before following a set plan that it was no wonder that I did nothing but expand for so long. These things are totally out to sabotage your diet and undo all your hard work on those scales!

So here are five things that are marketed as healthy that will sabotage your hard work on Slimming World.

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits (9 ½ – 11 syns per serving)

I’ll be honest, I don’t get why people think these are healthy. THEY ARE BISCUITS. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHEN YOU EAT THEM! I’ve seen so many people eat these instead of a proper breakfast because they think they are the healthy option and whilst I’m sure they have a few vitamins or something in them, so do Coco Pops and we know they’re not going to help you lose weight. These things are provided in packs of 4, which is deemed a normal serving (you hear that, four biscuits is adequate for your breakfast) and that will cost you 9 ½ syns on Slimming world AT LEAST. The Yogurt Crunch variety say you should have two biscuits per day… so that’s 11 of your 15 syns GONE on your healthy biscuits.

 Avocado (9 ½ syns per 100g)

How much have you seen on the Internet about avocado being the wonder food of all weight loss ever and that if you eat nothing but, you will be Kiera Knightley sized in about three weeks. Yeah, no. Due to it’s massive oil content and that fact that it doesn’t fill you up AT ALL, this ‘superfood’ will set you back a massive 9 ½ syns for just 100g of the stuff. I love guacamole, but not THAT much. It might be good for body builders (maybe?) but it is no good if you’re on Slimming World.

Vegetable Burgers (8 ½ syns for a standard burger)

It’s got vegetables in it. Gotta be healthy right? NOPE. I’m as surprised as you are, frankly. I dread to think what is actually in these things but at 8 ½ syns each you might as well just go to McDonalds because it’ll taste better for the syns you’re using. Don’t even THINK of getting a veggie quarterpounder either, because that will cost you an absolutely ridiculous 10 ½ syns. To put that into perspective, roughly the same weight of deep fried chips will cost you less syns. Seriously, chippy chips are better for you on Slimming World than a veggie burger. You’re welcome.

Muller Corner (4 ½ – 10 ½ syns)

I once was massively hungover on Slimming World, but didn’t want to ruin my week completely with fatty food all day, so I figured that a Fruit Corner has fruit in it so would totally be fine on Slimming World. So I ate six of them to combat the nausea. So that was 27 syns on yoghurt. At 4 ½ syns each, you might as well just have Muller Lights that are mostly completely free. Those new Pud Corners that the Pussycat Doll loses her balance over? Those are 7 ½. The De Luxe ones? Don’t even entertain the idea. They’re 10 ½. Just have chocolate instead.

Potato Salad (6 – 8 syns per 100g)

It’s got salad in the name. Potatoes are totally free. Yet, potato salad (which is minging, why are you eating it?) is a whopping 6 syns for 100g. This is the biggest waste of syns ever, especially since it’s so easy to make if you like that kind of thing. Don’t expect a recipe for it on here, because I can’t stand the stuff, but for God’s sake don’t waste your money on it. Oh and be prepared to pay in syns if you want a ‘luxury’ brand. I don’t know the difference in taste or ingredients, but it’s 2 more syns than the ordinary stuff. Just avoid it.

That’s just five of the more surprising things that you shouldn’t eat on Slimming World, but there’s a hell of a lot more awesome stuff that you can have. If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight for Christmas or some other event you have coming up, you should definitely check it out. We attend a group, but if you can’t make one they also have a great online service.

Have you got anything unusual you had to give up in order to shed the pounds? Anyone on Slimming World who didn’t know about these devil foods? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to keep up to date on all our stuff, head over to our Facebook Page and give us a like so you never miss a post!

DISCLAIMER: The syn values correct at the time of posting. Don’t kill me if they’ve changed.


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