Five Pre-Parent Assumptions That Were Totally Right

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We recently posted about pre-parent assumptions that we got completely wrong (he’s one now, so we’re clearly experts) but we weren’t all mouth. We were right about a lot of things, including one in particular that we were super stuck on. It’s not fair to just list the failures either, so we’ve put together a list of the stuff we got right before the baby came. Because we have our smug boots on.

There are a lot of perceptions that you have as an expectant parent. A lot of things that people will tell you and you form your own opinion on what you think sounds good and what might sound like nonsense. Once the baby arrives you are proven right in some ways and wrong in most others. Here are a list of the pre-birth perceptions we had, in particular the ones we were right about.

1. (MOST) babies don’t look like either parent when they are born

Well, we’re cheating here. We were a bit smug when the boy was born and we couldn’t see a resemblance to either of us in him. Admittedly a year on he’s picked up a trait or two from Wes. BUT my brother then ruined this totally, by producing a newborn that is a much cuter, but very accurate likeness of him. Inconsiderate git. So whilst we still hold firm that most people just say your baby looks like you, because it’s the thing to say, we do now concede that there are exceptions and some new babies can look like their owners. A little bit.

2. We are still the dream team.

We were told by a lot of people that our relationship would change and that likely we would find it harder once the baby was here. It has changed, sure, but if anything, the absolute opposite has happened and we’re a lot calmer and happier than we were before. We do this together, we take turns in the evenings, we do things together, we organise, we plan, whatever we do, we do it together for the sake of Short Rib. The wedding went ahead anyway, and I haven’t murdered him yet so things are going great, right?

3. Labour isn’t that bad.

CONTROVERSIAL! I KNOW. But really, it’s not. Normal, uncomplicated labour that most women have is not that bad. I know how lucky I was with my 7 hour jaunt into the foray of giving birth, and it wasn’t pleasant (though boy did it feel quick!) but I could have gone a while longer for sure. Contractions are unpleasant, actual giving birth bit hurts even more but that is only for a short time. It’s as bad as you make it and frankly the amount of women with more than one child, it clearly isn’t as bad as you all say it is!

4. I am still not saturating Facebook with pictures of my baby.

Or Twitter, or Instagram, or the blog or anything. Looking at you, Facebook Mums who still plague my feed with twenty eight pictures of your child in the same pose. I know the blog is filled with me writing about him, but that’s sort of the point. My issue is pictures. ONE PICTURE is what most people got. One. I have a bunch more really cute ones, but Facebook got one from me. Our family get regular pictures sent to them, but Facebook doesn’t need ‘em. I didn’t even post one on his birthday (though some of my family did) and I’m happy with the level of Short Rib on the internet being kept to a minimum. At least for now, as far as possible with me having a blog and all, I know I probably can’t keep that up forever. 

5. My baby will not have a dummy. 

YES! What a massive triumph. We were so sure… SO sure that we wouldn’t be giving Short Rib a dummy (pacifier, whatever) and we were told, to our faces, that we were wrong. ‘I give it a month’ was one response, ‘We’ll see how you get on when he starts screaming’ was another. Well, one year on, Short Rib got a dummy off the floor when his cousins came to visit. He didn’t know what to do with it and just started smacking it against the floor. I was so smug, I wasn’t even sorry. I know some children need them for different reasons and I am not knocking anyone who decides they’re for them, but we were pretty adamant they weren’t the answer for us. And we knew best, so ner. 

We’re all told what to expect when we’re expecting, even the daft stuff that we explored in a post before he arrived. I was asked whether I hard heartburn in pregnancy because Short Rib was born with a head full of hair (I mean, what!?).

What did you think would happen when you brought a baby into the world? Anything you thought would happen turn out to be bang on the money? Let me know in the comments – use it as a place for your bragging rights. You deserve it!


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