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Short Rib is now well aware of himself – he has his own little quirks, he has his own ideas on what he wants. He’s a bit of a terror but he’s also pretty hilarious. I was reading Karina’s post about her daughter, Little Legs (I mean, I thought Short Rib was a cute nickname!) and it just got me thinking about his ways and means as he grows.

So this post, inspired by Karina and Little Legs, is just a few things that make Short Rib, Short Rib. Even at one year old, he has a couple of habits that are telling for the future. Some make me laugh (most of them actually) and some have me a bit nervous about what he might be like when he’s  a little older, but all of them make up who he is and who he’s growing into.

He pushes boundaries.

This started super young. We tried to make sure he understood the word ‘No’ as early as possible. Oh, he knows what it means and he knows how to try and flout our flimsy rules. If we say ‘No’ when he tries to grab something, he will let go… only to then touch it with one finger and wait to see whether we say it again. If we tell him he can’t eat that stone he found on the floor, he’ll drop it before immediately trying his luck with another foreign object he’s managed to find. Short Rib is cheeky and I think he knows it, even now, but there’s something I find kind of endearing about this trait. I don’t really want it to continue when he’s a teenager or anything but at least he’s using his brain.

He wants to explore.

The worst thing you can do to Short Rib at the minute is close a door. Oh, my word. The noises that child makes is just astonishing – they don’t last long, mercifully, but if you leave a door open then the kid is gone. Messing with the front door, climbing up the stairs, just going ANYWHERE. I have never met a baby that refuses to stay still quite like my child. Sometimes I think I’d prefer a more stoic model… but this one keeps me on my toes and that’s how it should be. Maybe you’ll find some new and uncharted land when you’re a bit older…

He wants to do everything himself.

Short Rib cannot feed himself. He half-arsedly tries before deciding that just messing around with the contents of the bowl is way more fun. We try to combat that with finger food… but that ends up being thrown all over the floor. Try and feed it to him and he doesn’t want to know. Try and hold his hand while he navigates the doorstep and he’s wriggling from your grasp. Short Rib don’t need no one. If he can hold it, you aren’t allowed to. Mealtimes are… super frustrating at the minute and we’re having to resort to distraction tactics (i.e. CBeebies) so he eats with minimal fuss but it’s a struggle.

He thinks he’s hilarious.

No, honestly he does. He looks at himself in the mirror and thinks he is the bees knees (and he is but let’s not inflate his ego too much yet). He looks at you, waiting to be looked at, only to give you the biggest grin possible. Throwing his head back and showing all of his teeth. He’ll climb the stairs, turn around to make sure you’re following before trying to leg it to the top as fast as he can. You let him win of course, but he thinks he’s boss for beating you. Kid’s one year old for God’s sake, and already a competitive edge.

He has a massive sweet tooth.

Pink Wafers in particular here and he’s sussed out where we keep them. He trots off into the kitchen and then there’s the suspicious silence. We know what he’s done and it doesn’t matter how quietly he tries to sit there without being detected, gobbling up the completely nutrient-void snack that he’s properly into. Anything sweet though and you’re all over it. Juice, chocolate, ice cream, ice lollies, yoghurts, anything at all with a bit of sweetness in it and you’re all over it. Even better if it wasn’t yours to begin with… because you’re like a dog. You’ll move to anyone that has food, whether you know them or not.


This is Short Rib in a nutshell (which sounds really weird) and he continues to develop and acquire more ahem traits as he gets older. What sort of terrors did your little ones get up to when they hit one year old? Anything we should be looking out for? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us over on Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with all of our posts and features!





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