How To Host The Ultimate Event

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It’s summer – that means party season. With Short Rib’s Birthday shortly on the horizon, I have to get my planning hat on. Luckily, we’re not at the stage where nursery friends get invited to things (it’s coming soon, I know that) but this year, I can keep it small and that works well for me. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a lot of doing though…

It’s a great thing to be the life of the party, however, it’s even better to be the ‘hostess with the mostess,’ right? Somehow, the people born to host make these events seem like a breeze. There doesn’t seem to be any mishaps or rushed planning, and there’s absolutely no stress on their parts at all. The thing is, though, that the key secret to their success is built right into their personality. They are practically hard-wired for it. That doesn’t mean you could never hope to match them; it just means you need a bit more guidance.

Here’s how to host the ultimate event:

Plan the event!

Nothing gets done properly without planning beforehand. Set aside some time to plan out the theme, possible decoration ideas, food menus, activities for kids to do, and, most importantly, cost. The last thing you want to do is go overboard! Know the event you are hosting and plan from there. A Christmas get-together will be planned very differently than a street party.

Enlist Helpers

There’s no shame in asking for help! From finding decorations to picking up food, to cooking, to being the event’s bartender. Enlist your family and your friends, and you’ll have a much better time organizing and hosting the event!

Send out Eye-Catching Invitations

To have the ultimate event to host, you need guests! Create your own invitations and send them out to your friends, family, or even your neighbours. The more eye-catching and memorable they are, the more likely they’ll remember the event when the times come (very true for larger events, where the guest list isn’t just your close friends and family). For our wedding, we sent out jars of homemade hot chocolate mix, with spoons with everyone’s names on… we made them ourselves and everyone loved them.

Pre-Prepare the Food

Food is the most important part of any party. Have good food, and have plenty of it, and you will have a well-fed and happy group of guests. To pull this off, it’s ideal to choose food that you can prepare for in advance. You don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen during your party, and completely miss out! This point also applies to drinks; have everything that you need, enlist someone to be a bartender, or simply have an open bar. The key thing for drinks, however, is to make sure you have enough for everyone.

Bonus tip: Have people bring their own food and drink to share around. You’ll be guaranteed to have a wider variety of dishes and more than enough to drink! This is audience dependent of course… for some shindigs, this tip isn’t that practical, but can work in less formal settings!


Decorations make any event complete. They’re a nice treat for everyday events like reunions, and they are necessary for holiday events and birthday parties. Reusing the same decorations for holidays is not only economical, but it also evokes a sense of tradition!

Remember to Have Fun

The most important part of hosting a party is to remember that you also need to have a great time, not just your guests. If hosting isn’t enjoyable, then you shouldn’t do it.

Get out there, get planning, and enjoy your party!


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