How Secure Is Your Blog?

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The idea of your blog being secure is probably not one you have given much time to. After all, for most bloggers it’s primarily a hobby, something that you do for pleasure. When you’re doing something for little more than the sake of enjoying it, why would you want to spend time thinking about such dull things?

Of course, for the professional bloggers (or those aspiring to be professional bloggers), there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. If your blog is your little corner of the internet – basically, your home online – then security is something you need to think about. After all, you wouldn’t leave the door wide open to your real life home, would you? So why should your digital one be any different?

Protect Your Files

While you may feel you have the best blog host in the world and nothing would ever go wrong with it… it can and does happen. Web hosts lose entire servers; if you don’t have an adequate backup, then your blog is going to be lost forever.

The bigger your blog, the more likely you are to need to invest in some high-quality, nigh-on industrial level protections for the huge amount of data, blog posts, and images that you have built up. If you want to use your blog to make an income, this is a non-negotiable. So spend a little time looking for a viable method of backup that you can rely on, be it with an Industrial SSD or signing up for a mirrored server.

Passwords – How Good Are Yours?

Passwords are something that a huge number of us have a tendency to overlook. They’re an annoyance. We know that we should be better at generating good, secure, unique passwords but… how many of us actually do it? The research suggests very few of us; instead, we fall back on the same-old fail safes that are actually anything but.

If you use a generic password or one that’s easily relatable to you (such as the name of your favourite band), then it’s time to switch things up. Anyone who has ever used a CMS like WordPress will know how to access the admin page of your blog; it’s up to you to make sure they go no further.

What Do You Have Installed?

If you use a CMS for blogging (which almost anyone already pro or aspiring to be so will do), then there’s a good chance you have installed numerous themes and plugins over the years. When was the last time you ran through the list of installs and ensured you only had items that you wanted?

Some less scrupulous plugins will come packaged, so you could end up with more than you bargained for. Go through the list of all the themes and plugins, taking the opportunity to remove anything that you know your blog doesn’t need. It’s good to do this regularly, as these aspects can provide a back door to your blog – and it’s a door you should definitely want to keep locked.


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