When I Grow Up – Blogtober Day #5

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A lot of kids want to be all sorts of ridiculous things when they grow up. Footballers, rock stars, TV presenters… all that sort of stuff. It’s fair enough too, it’s a glamorous idea that people can’t help to aspire to, the celebrity status, the insane amounts of money for seemingly very little work.

Other kids want to be really heroic things like firemen, policemen, nurses, doctors, teachers, vets. These are more achievable, for sure, but often the ideas of actually doing this fizzle out with age. I was a strange child however. I didn’t want to be any of these. I’m pretty sure that in the attic of my grandparents’ house, there is a video of me at a Pontins Holiday Park somewhere, announcing to a bemused room of adults that I wanted to be a solicitor.

I was about six. I didn’t really know what a solicitor was… and yet, here I am. A qualified solicitor.

I don’t remember where this idea came from. I don’t know how old I was, or what it was that made me think it was a good idea because I only learned in my early teens what the job actually entailed. I flirted with the idea of a vet when I was a kid, but it didn’t last long. Too many tears at Animal Hospital or diving behind the sofa when Vets in Practice showed some gory operation on a massive St Bernard. That clearly wasn’t the job for me.

So, solicitor it was. Maybe it was the stubbornness of childhood me (adult me hasn’t learned) not being able to go back on what I’d initially said. Maybe I just convinced myself that it was definitely what I wanted to do. Either way, my family started to back me up, but also told me how hard it was to do. That did nothing but spur me on to take it seriously.

From leaving school, it took another 7 years before I was academically qualified to do the job… I had to job hop for another 3 years before finally being given my chance. I qualified in February 2016, and the plan that had been put into place when I was a wee nipper had finally been completed.

So, Blogtober, to answer you question, the career I had planned as a child, was the career I ended up having. Despite not knowing anything about it or even what a solicitor was, fate decided that was the hand I was being dealt. I am a fully qualified solicitor… finally.

Maybe I should have actually become the new Mystic Meg or something… six year old me was clearly on to some clairvoyant voodoo.

What did you guys want to be when you were kids? Something super exciting? Or boring AF like yours truly? Let’s have a natter in comments and cringe at our youthful selves!



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