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MAHI Leather

In the Duxbury household, we love a good bag. Changing bag, suitcases, handbags, travel bags, you name it, we do a lot of research into getting the very best one. Our family is dotted around the country, so we find ourselves having to pack up and bugger off for a weekend more than most families and we’ve found that as Short Rib is getting older, he requires a little less baggage space than her used to.

So, we’ve been in the hunt for another weekend bag; one that’s big enough to fit all of our stuff in it, without it being too bulky or heavy that it becomes a chore to lug upstairs. It’s difficult, to be honest. Unless you’re in the market for a proper suitcase (which we are not!) then a lot of the market is saturated with either backpacks, or those massive oversized handbags which don’t really fit any purpose.

Then, we found MAHI Leather.

They provide a stunning array of leather products, including backpacks, holdalls and duffle bags as well as smaller totes and satchels and even wash bags and Macbook cases.

If you thought leather was quite a formal affair, think again, because MAHI leather have an absolutely stunning limited edition range that includes a metallic bronze leather duffle bag and my personal favourite, a very bright duffle bag in “Hollywood Pink”. It’s amazing, you should definitely go and have a look.

MAHI Leather

Everything MAHI sells is made to order (apparently, that cuts costs further because they don’t need to stockpile their leather!) and is delivered worldwide at a flat rate of £14.50. Their shipping is tracked too, so none of your purchases are getting lost in the post either.

It seems a lot for shipping, I get that. But when you consider that the most expensive item that MAHI sell is £99.50, it’s easy to see why they can’t also offer savings on the shipping. A leather holdall would normally set you back at least £150 plus. That’s for your bog standard bag with no bells, no whistles. What MAHI offer is proper premium quality items at up to half what you would normally pay.

Not only that, but MAHI also offers another really cool service. You all know by now how much we love having things personalised and for a holdall or duffle that might make its way onto a plane, having your initials (or your name if it’s 4 characters or less) embroidered into your leather bag would be a godsend. Not printed on either, properly embroidered with love and in a choice of colours. It’s sewn into your leather before the bag is made too, meaning it’s never going to misshape or distort the finished product.


What I love most though (yes, even more than a bright pink leather duffle bag) is that MAHI are a company with a difference. Yes, yes I know you’ve definitely heard that before, but with MAHI this is actually true. They’re committed to providing quality products at lower prices, by cutting out middlemen and connecting customers directly to craftspeople. Oh, and they have a commitment to charity work too – so much so, that it inspired their name.

The company take its name from the Mahi River, in India. Even on their logo, it has the co-ordinates where the Mahi River joins the Arabian Sea. That’s some serious commitment. Not nearly as serious as their pledge as a company to help the people of India.

With Comic Relief on the horizon in the next few weeks, it’s fantastic to see companies giving back. With every sale that MAHI make, they donate $1.50 to FRANK Water. FRANK is a UK Charity that helps provide clean drinking water and improved sanitation in some of the most impoverished areas of India. So far, MAHI Leather have donated over $7,000 to the cause. How can you not be behind that?

So next time you’re looking for  an awesome bag and don’t want to pay over the odds, you should give MAHI a look.

You definitely won’t regret it.


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