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Kaya Jewellery

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day like, soon and that means you’ve got to think about presents all over again! I’m a big fan of jewellery so when Kaya Jewellery gave us the chance to sample one of their pieces for review, I jumped at the opportunity to look at a new player in the field of handmade, personalised items. We all know what a great gift personalised stuff makes.

Kaya jewellery is a one-woman operation run by Tanja, a mum of three with a dream of making affordable children’s jewellery. Since she launched in 2012, she’s extended the range to supply pieces for children and their parents and grandparents, with special three generational sets available on her website.

It’s also really refreshing to see a business that is passionate about donating to charity, and Tanja makes special mention of her donations to children in Gambia as part of the Eduki Charity. Last year, she donated 2,500 Euros to the cause and is committed to giving back part of her profits to continue funding the education of these underprivileged kids, which is really lovely and I’m all for it.

For the purposes of the review, I chose the Silver Infinity Bracelet, which retails normally for £31.95. It’s a black fabric bracelet with a sterling silver infinity charm in it. There are other pieces which consist of all silver, but I’m a fan of mixing up different materials and this simple but classic design really appealed to me.

Kaya Jewellery

It arrived in around a week, well packaged in a robust jiffy bag and presented in a very cute pink gift box – very apt for a Valentine’s Day gift – fuss free wrapping for anyone who hates dressing up their gifts!

The minute I opened up the box, I realised that this piece was not hand-engraved. Turns out this was my mistake, as some of the pieces on the Kaya Jewellery website are not engraved by hand whilst others are. If you have your heart set on something engraved entirely by hand, be sure to make sure you choose from the hand-engraved jewellery section to avoid disappointment. There are a lot of pretty items of jewellery in this range, so you won’t be stuck for choice!

The next thing I noticed is that the silver infinity charm is very, very thin and does not carry any sort of hallmark which for a piece that cost over £30 normally I would have expected, even if it were on the underside of the charm itself. Instead, except for the engraving, there are no marks whatsoever on the charm. As the website states it is .925 sterling silver, I’d have expected the hallmark to have been there to show it.

Which brings me to the price. For me, I feel that the price of £31.95 for this piece of jewellery is too high. Whilst it is a very nice piece with a  lot of good qualities, for me that price point is off for a fabric bracelet and a very thin silver charm. However I appreciate that it is engraved and on a space so small, there will be extra workmanship in that.

It sounds like I dislike this bracelet. I don’t. It’s a nice piece of jewellery, with a very well-made adjustable black strap. This strap is available in a variety of colours, however the website only shows black, so I was a little reluctant to try any of the others without seeing them first. I’m hopeful that in future, Kaya adds some photographs of all of the colours available for this bracelet to encourage more people to buy them. The strap adjusts well, making it suitable for a recipient whose wrist size you aren’t quite sure of!

Kaya Jewellery

The Kaya Jewellery range in general is extremely pretty and very varied – with items for all ages and tastes, there’s no way you won’t find something that your recipient will love. They also have items specifically for babies and Christenings, which would make for a really lovely first gift for the tiniest of people.

All in all though, I will say that the price of a lot of the items is really quite high but if you’re looking for a truly handmade piece that is unique in every form then Kaya Jewellery can certainly provide that. You can find out more about Kaya at their website and on social media.

Visit our website: http://kayajewellery.co.uk/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kayajewelleryuk
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AdolsonSara
Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/KayaJewellery/

Kaya have also provided a wonderful £40.00 gift voucher to one of our lucky readers, so you can get a beautiful personalised item of jewellery of your very own with £40.00 off. To enter, just see the Rafflecopter below! The giveaway ends on 28th February 2017.

Best of luck!

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