Looking After Yourself As A Mum

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It is so important to look after yourself when you have a young family. It is very easy to completely forget about your own health and well-being when you are busy looking after babies and young children but the effort that you put in now will pay so many dividends in the future. I’m trying to work really hard on looking after myself, as well as Short Rib, my husband, my house, my blog etc. but there’s a few things I’m starting to really see the benefit of.

Make exercise a part of your routine

Looking after young kids is exhausting and exercise may be the last thing on your mind, especially if you work full or even part time on top of it all. However, you do not have to be a marathon runner who is pounding the tarmac for hours every day or a weightlifter who spends hours in the gym. I have loved my preparation for a 5K and even though I am a beginner at running, I am already getting a lot out of it.

This is not just important for you. You are setting a good example for your kids. You are showing them that exercise is a part of everyday life and so when they grow up they will view exercise as a part of their normal routine. Don’t get me wrong though… Short Rib can still (and will forever) run circles around me.

Healthy eating for all the family

We are all guilty of weaning our kids on organic pureed vegetables and then eating a chocolate bar when they are not looking. I know that a hit of sugar is needed to keep an exhausted Mum going but the problem is that you come down after the sugar rush. This makes you feel awful and, as I’ve found out to my detriment, is making me a bit of a porker.

Now I’m on a diet, I try to snack on healthy food that will stay in my system for longer and keep up my energy levels for ages. I’m at work five days a week, and we’re out and about for the two, so I tend to take fruit with me as a healthy snack. A healthy cereal bar (not the ones that are laden with sugar) are another great alternative.

Looking good matters

The way in which we perceive our looks affects our self-esteem and that is so important to our emotional wellbeing. If there is something bothering you about your appearance you should change it. Start with diet and exercise and perhaps an overhaul of your wardrobe. Perhaps you still have some maternity clothes in there? I’m not judging…

The vast majority of body hang ups, can be sorted with the right diet and exercise. However, sometimes, there’s something that’s just… really bothering you and it isn’t something you can just lose weight or tone up for. As we age, we change and sometimes, you want to turn back the hands of time or make some minor adjustments.

If you want to take things further you could look into a surgical procedure or beauty treatment. Research everything if you’re looking into this. Find out all you can about the procedure and if is the right one for you. There is plenty of information out there and plenty of treatments, some of which you’ll have never heard of. But if you look in the correct places, you’ll find out all you need to know about even the more obscure ones, with articles like Fat Transfer – How Long Does it Last? Sounds a bit offbeat, but it might be the one for you. If you are spending money on a procedure you need to know that it is right for you.

Your emotional health is just as important as your physical well-being. It’s so hard to be a strong supportive parent if you are struggling with depression or anxiety. There are plenty of self-help techniques such as yoga, meditation, and self-hypnosis that may help.

Find yourself a quiet place and download an app that can help you. Before you know it, you’ll be healthy inside and out!


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