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Anyone remember the old Lottery adverts? I mean the really old ones with the big blue hand pointing at people bellowing “It’s yooouuuuu” a them and showering them with money? We all dream of being that person – but as you say, you have to be in it to win it. I’m always meaning to nip to the shops on a Saturday afternoon and put a lucky dip on the draw, but I’m pretty poor at actually getting up and doing it… I’m now put off by the fact that Lotto appears to have increased the amount of numbers to choose from (and the price of a ticket) but lowered the mid-range prizes. I kind of hold a grudge about it too, so for now me and normal Lotto have fallen out.

I don’t live in America or Australia, so I can’t go for those absolutely ridiculous amounts of money either. In January 2016, Powerball had a jackpot of $1.6 billion… What on earth would you do with that kind of money?! But, alas, I’m not in the US so I couldn’t even have a bash at it… not least until now. Because Lottoland are re-inventing how the lottery is played, giving UK residents the chance at massive lottery prizes from all over the world.

Now, before we go any further, lotteries are gambling, let’s not get ourselves confused here. Any lottery you take part in is a form of betting – you have to be over 16 to play here in the UK (probably 18 most other places) and like all other forms of gambling, it can be addictive. When the fun stops, stop.  

Just be sensible. Okay?

So how does it work? Well, in brief you’re not placing tickets on the actual lotteries in these places. That contravenes the rules of the draws, as you have to be a resident in order to participate in the actual Powerball draw etc. In essence, you’re betting on the outcome of the lottery (just like you would be if you were actually playing it) and if you win, Lottoland themselves would be paying you a prize equal to that of the draw you’d be participating in.

For example, if you placed a bet on Powerball and successfully guessed all of the correct numbers, the prize of your bet would be equivalent to whatever the Powerball jackpot was that week. Powerball wouldn’t be paying you, but Lottoland. You can read more about it over on their website, they explain it far better than I do.

For the purposes of this review, we were offered £25 credit in order to use the site. The site itself clearly focuses on the lottery draws available, but there are other gambling mechanics that they provide. I’m not all that interested in them, and have no desire to play online fruit machines, so I left those bits well alone. With my credit I;

  • Took part in a Syndicate on the Euromillions Draw
  • Purchased tickets in the U.S. Powerball Draw
  • Purchased tickets in the U.S. Cash4Life Draw
  • Purchased a scratchcard

To get the scratchcard out of the way – there were tonnes of cards to choose from. The site allows you to buy in bulk to get a cheeky discount, which to be honest I wasn’t a fan of. Lottoland is a business and needs to make money but I don’t think promoting bulk buying of something like a scratchcard is really that ethical. I bought one. Didn’t win anything. I didn’t buy any more. There’s something really unsatisfying about “scratching” a scratchcard using a mouse rather than a coin. I wouldn’t bother.


So the Syndicates page allows you to purchase a “share” in a Syndicate on various lottery draws. The page shows clearly how many lines are being played by any one syndicate and how many people are participating in them. It’s usually 100 shares in any one Syndicate, meaning if you win big you’ll get 1/100th of the prize. It sounds like you’re not getting a good deal but it increases the chances of you winning something even if it isn’t hundreds of millions. Would YOU pass up half a million though if you were offered it? No. No you wouldn’t. The syndicates are the easiest to join – literally just click on the draw you want to take part in. Mine was the Euromillions, which had 168 different lines on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I haven’t had the results of it yet!

Cash4 Life is a new one on me. It’s based in New York and the top prize is £1,000 every single day for the rest of your life. That’s a mindboggling amount of money to be had. I liked the idea of getting the prize in a steady flow rather than as a massive lump sum. Sadly though, as is the way with gambling in the vast, vast majority of cases, I didn’t win. The downside to this draw is that there are only two prizes – if you don’t win either of them, there isn’t a £10 booby prize or anything like that. So you win big or you win nothing.


Finally, the Powerball, this was my foray into a normal “lottery” and I found the process pretty easy.  I picked my numbers myself on my first ticket, but had a bit of trouble locating where you’d pick a “lucky dip” to generate your numbers for you. Turns out it’s a magic wand. Because they’re linked somehow? Anyway, that aside, the process was pretty simple. You have your tickets lined up in front of you and you choose your numbers. Once you have the amount of tickets you want, the cost of them is automatically generated at the bottom. No discounts for multiple tickets or anything.  On the lottery draws, they’re not trying to encourage you to buy more than you really want by knocking a bit off the price!

All in all, the site is really easy to use – it isn’t crammed full of ads, like you can find with some sites like it, such as Bingo websites or normal bookies’ websites. It’s a nice and clean experience and whilst I’m not keen on the discounts for multiple scratchcards thing, they don’t seem to actively try and make you spend excessively. That said, I did avoid the “games” part, so I can’t vouch for that bit.

It’s a simple way to play lottery draws that would otherwise be inaccessible from the United Kingdom. For that service, you can’t really beat Lottoland. However, again, I feel the need to stress that lotteries are still gambling and at the end of the day you are most likely to come away from this experience having not won anything. If you’re happy with that fact and still want to play, then this place is the best way.

Just don’t be put off by the presence of Chris Tarrant and a chimpanzee watching your every move.


This is a sponsored post, but the review is entirely my own opinion.


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