Made Of Money: The Biggest Lottery Jackpots In The World

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Winning the lottery. If you had a genie granting you three wishes, this one would be up there for a good portion of the population and you can see the appeal. Pretty much every time you see a news article about the latest winners and their plans for spending the money. Whether they intend to blow the lot, or go back to work the next day (yeah, right) there’s no denying that most of us would love to be in their shoes.

I’ve recently started playing the lottery properly. It was once a rite of passage for any sixteen year old to go and buy a ticket on their birthday (I was ID’d by the way) but now, you can play the lottery online rather than trotting into a shop to tick your numbers off. Over the years, lotteries have evolved all over the world and the great thing is that now you’re not just stuck with the UK Lotto and have access to lotteries all over the world thanks to the advent of playing online.

These lotteries are restricted geographically, so without residing in the countries that they are played, you can’t enter the lottery itself. That’s where sites like Lottoz come in to allow you the chance to win the same amounts as you would if you were entering the draws themselves, by betting on their outcomes. You place a bet (with the stake being equal to the price of a lottery ticket) on which numbers will be drawn, and if you’re correct, the return is the exact same amount of money you would win if you were in the actual draw! is a fun and easy way to bet on tonnes of different draws from all around the world, as well as being able to bet on the outcome of the normal EuroMillions in the same way.

So why venture further afield to play the lottery? Simple. The jackpots! Today we’re looking at the biggest jackpots in lottery history and you’ll soon see why you might want to pick your numbers across the pond from now on…

$1.6 billion (Powerball, United States) 

The saying goes that it’s “always bigger in America” and the lottery is no exception. In 2016, the Powerball Jackpot hit a staggering $1.6 billion! Three tickets won this life changing amount of money and despite lottery wins being taxed in America, each of the three tickets scooped well over $300 million dollars in the end. It’s an eye watering amount of cash…

€720 million (Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, Spain) 

Translated as the ‘Spanish Christmas Lottery’ it is widely regarded as being the biggest lottery in the world. Once a year and on a raffle system, this lottery has multiple winners because the tickets are not unique. Whilst it ups the chances of winning to around 1 in 100,000 it means that these sorts of ridiculous jackpots are nearly always won by more than one winner. That said… I could do a lot with €30 million!

$378.3 million (Mega Millions, United States) 

Meanwhile, in the United States, we have the biggest cash prize ever received by just one person. One person bagged $378.3 million, after tax. I can’t even imagine going from reasonable means to having that sort of money all in one go. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to try, but what would you buy first?! For us it’d be an awesome house then an amazing holiday!

€190 million (EuroMillions, Portugal) 

Back on familiar territory, this is a draw that we can play here in the UK as it is the Europe-wide EuroMillions draw. Our luck as a country hasn’t been all that bad (certainly faring better here than at Eurovision recently!) but the biggest jackpot for a single winner in the EuroMillions was actually won by a ticket in Portugal back in October 2014.

€177.7 million (SuperEnalotto, Italy)

One person scooped just under €180 million in the Italian Lottery in October 2010. It still stands as the largest jackpot in the history of the Italian Lottery. Hey Lotto… you listening to this? You need to up your game in the Jackpot department!

So what are your thoughts on all this? Has it tempted you to try a lottery in another country? It goes without saying here that the lottery is a form of gambling, and the chances of winning are really minute, but the chances are there and as they say, you have to be in it to win it. Head over to the Lottoz website for more information as to how you can place your bets and potentially win big!


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