Messy Me Tunic Bib Review

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So recently, mealtimes have become something of a food fight, (which is what Messy Me sort of specialise in!). We’ve pretty much sussed out the weaning process though. I can report that I can leave Short Rib to eat something without thinking he’s going to choke and die every time. Now though, there’s a battle of a different kind. Short Rib thinks he’s well capable of feeding himself spaghetti Bolognese without assistance from his parents.

Spolier alert: He’s not.

So when the lovely lot at Messy Me asked us (well, Short Rib) to test out these cute Tunic Bibs we jumped at the chance (and I think our washing machine breathed a heavy sigh of relief). Messy Me sent us one of their Messy Tunics to see if it could withstand the mealtime barrage of food, drool and mess that Short Rib would surely bring.

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To be honest, he wasn’t sure about it at first. He’d look down at the bib and prod it because the material is a bit new and shiny. He soon forgot about that when dinner arrived mind. Reluctantly, for the sake of the review, I soon left the spoon in Short Rib’s not-so-capable hands and let him “feed himself”. The results were as ridiculous as you’d imagine.

The tunic however, fared amazingly well. It kept his jumper free of orange stains! Also, it was open at the back so he didn’t get too hot or uncomfortable and we didn’t need to put it in the washing machine afterwards! Everything that he could throw at it, the bib just took it. The beautiful design didn’t fade or mottle, like it can with fabric brands. It looked just as good as new with a quick baby-wipe wash down.

The Messy Tunic comes in four designs and fits all sizes between 1 and 3 years. It’s made with a special oil cloth, which is soft against your toddler’s skin. The oil bit though is super hardy and means you can wipe the dirt off the entire thing. Hems and all. If it really needs a freshen up, you still have the option of machine washing it occasionally.

It appears as though we have found a worthy ally in the battle against dinner time in our house. Now if Helen could just design an oil cloth to save our walls from the endless assault of food splatter, we’d be really grateful!

So impressed are we with the tunic bib that it is the only bib we are taking with us when we go away this weekend for four days. Yes, we are trusting it for four straight days worth of mealtimes with our unruly toddler. The caravan may suffer, but Short Rib’s cute little outfits will not.


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