Money, Money, Money – Blogtober Day #3

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I spend a lot of time wondering what I’d do if I suddenly and unexpectedly came into money. At the minute we are saving for our own house, but having to pay eye watering amounts in childcare fees and rent. This means that our progress is slow to non-existent at the moment, so it’s nice to fantasise about what you’d do if you were stinking rich.

Wes & I have often discussed what we’d do, and I’m sad to say that most of it is the usual stuff everyone says. It’s not going to stop me talking about it though.

First thing’s first. We’d wait until we had the cash.

We’ve always said that we would not be jacking in our jobs or doing anything silly until the money was with us, confirmed. Can you imagine if it was a mistake? You’d be mortified (and potentially jobless) so as ridiculous as it sounds, we would have to carry on as normal for a week or two whilst “the details” are sorted out.

THEN we’d jack in our jobs.

Anyone who tells you that they would continue to work if they won the lottery is either a liar or a fool. Who would honestly do that? Not me, that’s for sure.

And go on the holiday of a lifetime.

That’d be the first thing we did. A holiday where money was no object and we can just figure things out at our leisure. It’s probably going to be Florida or something, but it’d be far away to allow it all to just sink in. We’ll deal with the money situation when we get home…

Then build a house.

You know, those houses that end up on Grand Designs with that really horrible, condescending git, Kevin McCloud. A house where three of the walls are basically all glass and everything is black and chrome and super glossy. I could probably do a whole series on my dream house… it’s a long way off in reality. In the land where the lottery is won however, I would be buying some awesome land in a pretty village and building the most awesome house ever.

Maybe share the love a bit after that.

There’s always that issue of family and what you’d try and help them with. Of course it depends on how much you won but we’d definitely do something to help everyone. I’m not sure it’d be a house for everyone, but maybe a nice car or something.

As you can tell, I’ve spent wayyyy too long thinking about this and the worst thing is, we don’t even put the lottery on all that much! Maybe we should start…



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