Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case: Review & Giveaway

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Like most people, I’m surgically attached to my phone. It gets my e-mails, my social media, I run my blog from it when I’m not at home. It’s a massive part of me and therefore I think it’s really important that you have the option to make it as personal to you and a customised as you can. The easiest way to do that is by grabbing yourself a personalised phone case from the awesome guys over at – where you can customise your case with your own photos and text, to make your case just as unique as you are.

We were really stoked to be asked to review this awesome service, and I got to create my own phone case for the purpose of this review. To put it through the more thorough test, we decided to do it for my phone, rather than Wes’ because he is a bit more tech savvy than I am and we needed to see how easy it was to make your case. The review is mainly me, but Wes is also going to stick his oar in because he is incredibly difficult to please when it comes to phone cases.

And what’s best is that the lovely people over at have provided you with a chance to win your own, totally bespoke phone case for a phone of your choice. Details of the giveaway are at the end of our post! 

Amy’s Review

The hardest part I found was deciding what I wanted on my case. I’m not really into having photographs of Short Rib on my phone case or anything like that! I have always had really boring phone cases, choosing function over style, but eventually I went for a Disney theme and in particular one of my favourite films, Up! It took a couple of tries, but I eventually realised that the best way to go about this is to get an image with similar dimensions to your phone (i.e. tall and slim) so that it isn’t distorted or poor quality. The Mr Nutcase site is really handy in that it tells you if your image is going to be poor quality or not!

The site was really easy to use and allowed me to add my own text, images and if I wanted, I could layout several images like a collage. After I was done, it also let me preview how it was going to look on the case and re-position things if it didn’t quite look right, so you can be certain of how it’s going to turn out before you order it!

And this is what arrived just a couple of days later.


I’m used to a very slim case, so was a little apprehensive as to how thick this one was going to be. I was really pleasantly surprised at how lightweight it was and how high the quality of the image turned out. It is thicker than I’m used to, but feels robust enough to protect my phone, whilst being vivid enough to stand out from the crowd. I’m actually more confident in how this will protect my phone compared to my previous, super thin case. So far, he’s chucked it and bit it and the cover hasn’t suffered one bit. 

I purposefully chose a design with a lot of colour on it to see how it would turn out. As you can tell, the colours are super bright and the image quality is out of this world.

I have one drawback with the process and that is the lack of fonts available for you to add your own text. I’d like to see a bigger selection of fonts to choose from as I found that none of them really did it for me. That said, my text came out really well, almost like an old style sticky label, so personally I can’t complain.

Wes’ Review

Ehhhhh, this thing ain’t bad. I’m fussy with phone cases. Fussy in that, in an ideal world, I wouldn’t want one. A recent phone is a good looking piece of equipment to a saddo like me, why would you want it hidden under a fat/chunky/colourful/gaudy exterior? I wouldn’t. But, I DO have to protect the phoney goodness from scratches and dirt and baby saliva and unexpected porridge projectiles (something I didn’t know existed until Short Rib came and re-educated me). I usually go for something with as much surface area coverage as possible, but thin. THIN thin.

So when Amy told me of this one, with the primary feature being gaudy-as-you-like imagery all over it, honestly, I was dubious. I had visions of poor workmanship or thoughtless design or cheap materials or much fatness. Or worse, all of the above. But here’s the thing; I like it. The printing is grand, and Amy has good taste so the image isn’t (too) awful. It’s well made, with good lines, and covers just the right amount of phone for spiffing protection.

It’s a recent addition to her phone so I’m not yet going to comment on the quality of the materials used (if I was forced to guess, I’d say it’s a little, tiny bit cheaper than I’d like on my own phone. Just because I’m a snob). I’ll give it something though, I’d be much more confident dropping Amy’s phone on the floor now, than my own with it’s super thin plastic coating. I reckon it’d do a good enough job at preventing total breakage from probably 1 or 2 feet – so when Short Rib wants to play with a phone, I know whose I’ll be nudging in his direction. Shhh, don’t tell Amy I said that.

Overall, I’m super pleased with this case and would thoroughly recommend that you head over to if you’re in the market for your very own unique phone case.

They also have other items that you can fully customise for yourself or as incredible gifts for your friends and family.

Mr Nutcase have also been cool enough to offer the chance for one of our Mum’s The Law readers to bag themselves their own fully personalised phone case! To enter, just head to the bottom of this post for all the glorious details.

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This giveaway is open to residents of the UK and ends at 00:00 on 24th August 2016.

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