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Service interruption from Wes:

I tasted, deliberated and discussed these drinks with Amy over the last week or so. They’re great, and her review is mostly on the money… I just, as per usual, have a slight difference of opinion: The hot chocs are the hands down winners. I mean, the milkshakes are great and sugar free is greater but that mint and (this one is unfair because I’ve only tried it today without Amy present) hazelnut! Wow. I’m in love. Already placed my order for more (shhh, don’t tell Amy).

Head down towards the end of Amy’s musings for a chance to win a load of mugpod goodness! Woop.

George Clooney has made damn sure that Nespresso machines are all the rage with females everywhere. Having pride of place in the kitchen, the trendy little gadget will keep coffee running through the veins of any tired parent from dawn to dusk. However, what happens if you don’t fancy coffee? Turn the kettle on? Pssh. We’ve got a better idea.

Rather, the guys over at have a better idea. mugpods are the only UK distributor of Nespresso compatible pods that don’t contain the ‘C’ word (well, that’s a lie, they do have some coffee but that’s not what we’re interested in!) instead they offer four flavours of hot chocolate and three awesome flavours of sugar free milkshake. So now even the kids can get their fill of Clooney-approved goodness.

We were kindly given a couple of samples of what mugpods have to offer for the purposes of this review. We received a mint flavoured hot chocolate, a honeycomb milkshake and a strawberry milkshake. APPARENTLY Wes has been holding out on me and also tried  a hazelnut chocolate on the sly. He says they’re awesome but I wouldn’t know. Cue some horrendously dirty looks heading my finace’s way. 

The Mint Hot Chocolate was everything you could want, especially with winter just around the corner. It was soothing, luxurious and frankly delicious. I didn’t realise that these weren’t offered as standard by Nespresso, so to have this as an alternative is a very welcome bonus for anyone who owns the machine.

The real stars of the show, at least in my eyes, were the milkshakes. The Poddies are directly marketed as being for kids and honestly, I don’t even like milkshakes that much… at least not the ones you can buy in the shops. With these being sugar free, I was ready for them to taste artificial or sickly and was incredibly pleasantly surprised.

The Strawberry flavour took me straight back to my childhood, gorging on the sugar-filled wonder that was ‘Krusha’, because this tasted just like it. I actually checked the box at this point, because I had to find out whether they were actually sugar free… and they are. This was the nicest shake I’ve had in a long time.

The Honeycomb flavour, I was pretty wary of. I’ve not had good experiences of honeycomb flavoured stuff and thought that a drink would be very sickly. I was very wrong. It was just sweet enough to be able to enjoy your glass of it. Don’t let the fluorescent colour of it put you off, this is a seriously nice shake that’s very different to anything I’ve ever had before.

We weren’t able to try it, but I’d wager that having the honeycomb and chocolate shakes together would probably blow your mind.


You can have the Poddies milkshakes hot or cold depending on your preference and the fact that they are totally sugar free means that the kids can have as many as they can stomach and won’t be bouncing off the walls.

It also means for the grown ups that if you’re following the Slimming World plan, you can use these with your Healthy Extra A allowance of cold milk and enjoy a Poddie completely syn free. You can’t get better than that.

mugpods have just had their latest shipment in and boxes of the Poddies milkshakes, Podista hot chocolate and coffee are now available at with free shipping if you stock up on 10 boxes or more.

Also, if you head over to their Facebook page, they’re presently running a giveaway where you can win 8 assorted boxes of coffee, hot chocolate and milkshake for your Nespresso. All you have to do is tell them which flavour you’re excited to try! You can also follow them on Twitter, Google+ & Instagram!

Speaking of Facebook, if you want to go and visit us whilst you’re there, we’d really appreciate a like on our page so you can keep up to date with all of our posts!

Disclaimer: We were kindly provided with sample pods from for the purpose of this review, however, all  images and words are our own! 



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