Normal Service Has Now Resumed

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Normal service has now resumed.

So last time I was here, I had not long given birth. Now, would you believe it, I’m back at work and have been for two weeks. It’s not ideal, I understand that. I’d give anything to be in a position to take a year off work and spend it watching our son grow and develop. Unfortunately it’s not an option and here I am. So where on earth did my 10 weeks’ maternity leave go? What did I do and why didn’t I blog?

Well, I’ve always known I wasn’t going to have long with my baby. It was always planned that I’d have 10 weeks off before coming back but even I was shocked at how quickly it flew by. Mason was 8 weeks old by the time I came back and in that time he grew immeasurably (he’d nearly doubled in size!) and it hit me just how much more I was going to miss by going back to work full time, letting his grandma and a childminder take over for most of the day.

So what did I do? I spent every waking moment with Mason. I wanted to get to know him, play with him, let him know that any time with me was going to be awesome and that whilst I wasn’t going to be able to be around him all the time, the time we would have would be nothing but happy and fun. We went for walks, we spent entire days in bed snuggling and playing sometimes, we had visitors, we just spent time together and I loved it.

I didn’t blog, because I didn’t want to and because well, I had very little to say other than how much I love being a mum and frankly, I bore myself sometimes talking about how awesome my son is.

But now, as he’s growing more and hitting milestones and we are resuming our normal lives, I’ve got a lot to say. Things we’ve learned, what I’m looking forward to and other journeys that have now begun. There’s a lot more to blog about and a lot more to entertain you all with and hopefully help a few people who felt the same way I did in the first few days of motherhood (i.e. ‘Am I doing everything properly?’) and are just looking for some stories of first hand experiences.

We’ll be covering such topics as the baby blues, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, that first real scream, baby wearing and other things that we’ve experienced and learned in our first ten weeks (yes, he’s TEN WEEKS old now!) as well as updates on the little man himself.

Also, we’re now back on the Slimming World wagon. We have our wedding in six weeks and a holiday in six months and both of us would like to just shed part of ourselves before those things happen. I’m not horrendously pregnant anymore, so I have no excuse not to boss this for the second time. Expect a bunch of posts on tips, recipes and our weigh-ins for this too.

Anything else you’d like to see on here? Let us know in the comments if you’ve any suggestions for Mum’s The Law or any tips for me coping now that I’m a ‘working mum’ to a young baby!


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