A Novice Runner’s Wishlist

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So, as you heard, we’re off on holiday in two months and in a bid to try and ditch some pounds before I go, I’ve started running! Not very far and not very fast, but I’m out there. I’ve signed up toa 5k Colour Run in September, so I certainly want to be in shape for that (and at least beat my Mum, who’s also doing it!).

I’m very much at the beginning of my running journey and whether I fancy taking it up properly remains to be seen. It’s all well and good when it’s nice and sunny but am I really going to want to get out there and run in November? I’m not sure… but I have a nice set of would-haves if I decide to do it properly… this is my wishlist as a (very) novice runner!

Apple Watch Series 2

The only thing on this wishlist I actually own. It was bought entirely with the intention of doing more exercise but that was the best part of a year ago. I’m really glad that this is finally getting some use as it was intended and I’m still learning how to get the absolute most out of it. What I do know is that it tracks my calories and my heart rate, I can hook it up to my scales to track weightloss and it gives me little goals each day to help me get healther. I can also control my iPhone’s much from it and answer a phone call (not that I can talk whilst running, you’re lucky if I can breathe!)

There’s also connectivity with a trivia app, so I can whoop Wes in a quiz on the go! The connectivity also stretches to the app I’m using; Zombies, Run! Couch to 5k.

Fabletics Syntax Running Outfit

I love a good subscription box, so if I do manage to get into running properly then maybe a Fabletics VIP membership (which gives up to 50% off all their gear!) is just what I need. However at the minute, I’m just getting into it so one outfit will certainly do and I absolutely love this one. The Syntax outfit is just the right level of out there for me to get on board with – I don’t really want to stand out when I’m running, but it looks comfortable and I’m a big fan of the racerback style vests. Every inch a winner!

Flip Belt

I listen to my music via my phone when I’m out running and whilst I don’t take too much else out with me at the minute, there will be times when I need to hold my house key, a bit of spare change or even an energy gel if I’m going quite far. This is where the flip belt comes in. A neat, handy little contraption that can hold anything whilst fitting underneath my gear. Lots of bright colours too, which I love.

Picun Rose Gold Headphones

Know what else I love? Headphones that match my watch. I’m not that into wireless earbuds… whilst I have a lovely pair of wireless over ear headphones, they’re very bulky and they are noise cancelling, which is dangerous in public. These little cuties however are very stylish… they totally do it for me.

Skechers Go Run Forza 2

Finally, these bad boys to do all the legwork for me… well not really but running is dependant on a pair of decent shoes. At the minute, I have a pretty pair of Nike Airs that will do but they are also just my dossing trainers. I also own a pair of Skecher GoWalks and I am a complete convert. I absolutely love them, so would have no hesitation in adding a pair of running shoes to my Skecher collection and these ones are gorgeous.

I plan on writing about my experiences once I’ve finished the Couch to 5k app – I’m hoping I can really get into it and keep going. I’ll give you my thoughts (as someone who despised running in her youth) and give you a progress update!


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