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Happy Summer everyone! The sun is out (for now at least), I have a tan (for now at least) and it’s time to relax and enjoy the long days, warm nights and all the fun and games summer time brings. For this months Oh My Blog series, we’re finding out what bloggers from all across the country have to say about holidays. Be them in the UK or abroad, it’s the season to kick back and relax. So what does Jo from the wonderful Pickle & Poppet get up to before the kids head back to school?

I caught up with her to ask fifteen burning questions about her summer holidays.

Pickle & Poppet

Summer is here! Are you going (or have you been) anywhere nice this year?

Hurray for summer! We went to Butlins Skegness for Tots Week in April before I returned to work which was nice. At the minute we don’t have anything planned over the summer. We do want to have a few days away for Jessica’s first birthday. Then later in the year Sam and I are having a couple of nights away glamping to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


Where is your favourite Summer holiday destination?

I have so many favourite places and all for different reasons. My top ‘summer’ holiday would have to be Koh Samui, Thailand. It was stunning, but that was a February holiday as their seasons run differently to ours.


Do you prefer to spend your summer abroad or in the UK?

We haven’t been abroad since we had the kids and it hasn’t really bothered me. It is nice to have holidays when you are more likely to have nice weather but for me now it is more about having time together rather than where we are.


Any holiday horror stories to report?

Hmmmm, I went to visit my aunt in the US once with my Mum. It all went a bit wrong really. First flight arrived late and we nearly missed our connecting flight. When we arrived at the final airport my luggage had been left at Dallas airport and I had to wait two days to have my suitcase delivered. Then we all came down with a vomiting bug. To top off the holiday, the flight home we had to land at Birmingham rather than Heathrow due to snow and then get a coach from Birmingham to Heathrow! Pretty unlucky really. Other than the sick bug, the holiday was great.


If you do go on holiday, are you a “sit by the pool all day” kind or person, or a “we need to get out and explore” kind of tourist?

I used to be a sit by the pool person but now I would prefer to get out and about. See the sites and experience the culture. 


Please help settle an argument. What is the earliest acceptable time to have a pre-holiday pint in the airport pub?

Ha Ha! Again this has changed as I have got older – the earliest I have had an alcoholic drink at the airport is about 7am I think. I wouldn’t nowadays, I can think of nothing I would enjoy less at that time in the morning.


How are you with flying? Love it, hate it or a bit nonplussed by it all?

I absolutely hate takeoff and landing. The flight itself I don’t mind, so long as there is no turbulence. I flew home from Australia in a storm and it was a very bumpy ride and I was terrified!


What has been your favourite holiday that you’ve ever been on?

There are two.
Thailand. I went with my friend and it was an amazing experience and such a beautiful place. I cannot wait to go back.
The second is Iceland. We went there for our honeymoon and it was just out of this world. Friendly people and beautiful sites. We went for a few days but we needed longer, it is definitely somewhere we will return to.


Where would you absolutely love to go, that you haven’t been yet?

Where to start?! There are so many places; Singapore, Bali, Japan, New Zealand, Canada – the list is endless!


What is your favourite summer holiday memory from when you were a kid?

The one memory that sticks in my mind and is something that we still talk about is when we all went to Scotland. There was me, my Sister, Mum and Dad and my Nan and Grandad. We have family in Scotland and we stayed with them. One day we went to the zoo. We were in the gift shop and I put a coiled rubber snake on my Nan’s shoulder. When she saw it she screamed and ran out of the shop. I got in so much trouble and apologised to her. Obviously it is something that we laugh about all the time now but it wasn’t funny then! 


What is the first song on your summer anthems playlist?

Grovejet – If This Ain’t Love. 
Oldie but Goodie!!


Camping (be it in the wilderness or in your back garden when you were a kid). Your thoughts?

We went once, in a trailer tent – does that count?
Not something we’ve really done, we stayed in caravans and hotels. It is something that I want to try and do with the kids as they get older.

Do you tan easily, or are you a brilliant shade of toothpaste white wherever you go?

I do tan fairly easily. I’m much more aware of protecting my skin now that I am older and use a higher factor so I burn less than I used to but I have always browned well.


What attraction or event would you recommend people go to this summer?

At the minute we are big on getting outdoors and enjoying nature. I would definitely recommend going to your local forest commission and make the most of the Gruffalo trail. Take a nice picnic and just enjoy walking and exploring.


Finally, let us have you best tip for a stress-free holiday?

Don’t take the kids! Ha Ha.
Seriously, for me it is eat out! Have someone else cook for you and enjoy the rest. 


To find out more about Jo (and Pickle & Poppet) you should head over to her brilliant little blog and follow her on social media, to make sure you don’t miss any of her posts. 

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