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Yes, I am pregnant on Slimming World. Slimming World is approved by the Royal College of Midwives as the ideal eating plan to follow whilst pregnant to give your baby all the nutrients they need and she signs off on my progress regularly. Before anyone starts panicking that I am (trying to) lose weight whilst carrying a baby, it is all above board and under the supervision of health professionals. Anyone who is pregnant and wanting to follow any kind of eating plan should always run it by their midwives first. I am playing it safe and so should you.

So today, for #WeightLossWednesday, our Pregnant On Slimming World update isn’t about weight loss at all, it’s about weight gain. My weight gain to be exact and why, even though I know why I’ve put on weight and why it shouldn’t bother me one little bit, it still does. Psychologically, I am chained to those scales.

By way of background, I have always had issues with my weight since I was a teenager. So many failed diets, so many attempts at so many things it took me until I was 25 to join Slimming World (for the third time) and do it properly. I got to a healthy 10 stone, the lightest I’d been in at least ten years and I was happy with myself. So I stopped going. I tried to go back a bunch of times but the motivation simply wasn’t there anymore, despite the fact every time I joined I was heavier than the last.

Then, I got pregnant. My priorities changed, my life was about to change completely. I was going to get married, I needed to get back in that same mindset I had the first time around and really do this, so we went back again and I’ve been sticking to it relatively strictly ever since. I’ve lost weight, which is pretty big whilst being pregnant, it’s a win in itself, but it’s not the rate I’d hoped for. Even though it’s obvious why, my stupid brain just goes ‘well what’s the point then?’ and I start to lose motivation.

On Monday night, very briefly, I had a similar moment when I hopped on the scales having been good all week and I’ve put on 2.5lbs. I was expecting at this point to put on weight, I’m not completely insane, but 2.5lbs in a week shocked me and I had trouble hiding that fact. Wes fared much better with 1.5lbs off, I’m happy to report.

So I sat there and I stewed. No matter how many people said how good I looked or how well I’d done overall, I still couldn’t believe it. A gain, I can live with. But that much? After I’d been good all week? Ouch, pregnancy body. Eventually, my brain kicked in and remembered my joy last week, my 4lbs off. 1.5 of that was still off, despite being in the very late stages of pregnancy… I was still nearly half a stone lighter than when I started, despite being ready to give birth. I’d done bloody well, overall. My body is going through so many changes that I was bound to have a week like this sooner or later, right? Then I remembered my little mantra – this is more about health than weight loss and this, no matter what the change, is best for my baby.

So the determined parts of both me and Wes combined, and we have been “on it” since then – strict as you like. No takeaways (synned or not), no cutting corners and no excuses. I’m at that point (and size) where exercise other than walking is a little out of the question. 45 minutes wandering around Chester Zoo and I was physically exhausted, but it was still better than sitting in front of the Playstation all day. I know that this works and works without exercise too… I always have ideas for what I should be doing, when really I just need to stick with the book and go for it. So that’s what we’re doing. I’ve not planned anything, but done a shop that is jammed with fruit and vegetables and none of the naughty stuff and we’re going back to how we were when we lost all that weight two years ago. If that means chucking stuff together and it tasting rank, then that’s what’ll happen.

So yeah, 2.5lbs on and it’s annoying. I may put on another 2.5lbs next week (I’d better not though!) but my body, mother nature, knows what it’s doing for my baby. I can be really annoyed about it when I’ve given birth and can’t shift it but until then, I have to unchain myself from the scales, realise I’m pregnant rather than greedy and get on with preparing for the biggest moment of my life. I mean, what’s 2.5lbs in the grand scheme of things?

It’s about a third of a baby. That’s what.

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2 responses

  • You are almost there chick and a 2.5lb gain is not much at all, especially considering the 4lb loss you had had! You are so motivated and it’s lovely to see – when you give birth you will be able to crack on and watch the weight drop off – but take time out for you and enjoy the new bundle! Well done to Wes and a big well done to you! I put on 5 stone when I was pregnant so 2.5lb is not something to be sniffed at! Hope you are having a lovely week chick and make sure you are getting plenty of rest! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday – hope to see you again this week! Sim xx

  • This is such an inspiring post! I’m really impressed that you are eating so healthily during pregnancy. So many woman, including myself use pregnancy as an excuse to eat badly. If I have a third child I’m definitely going to try and follow your example.

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