The Book of Everyone Wise Words: Review & Giveaway

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What do you get for the girl that has everything? Alright, so she doesn’t have everything but in reality my little sister is getting to that age where she’s more and more difficult to buy for. When I hit sixteen, people basically just resorted to throwing money at me because I was that hard to buy for (and still am, I’m afraid!). With Christmas just around the corner, we were struggling to get her something that she’d really like, until we stumbled across The Book of Everyone Wise Words range.

The books are fully customisable, but come pre-populated with advice for kids of a wide variety of ages. You can change them to whatever you like, choosing from a couple of suggestions or typing your own in if you fancy taking the plunge. The pages are bright a colourful and the tidbits of advice are funny and heart-warming in equal measure. Whilst initially targeted for recipients between the ages of 8 and 12 years old, we’re firmly of the opinion that they’re actually a fantastic idea for pretty much any younger person who could do with a bit of light-hearted advice.

So who did we make ours for?

My littlest sister (I say little, she’s not long left school…) is at a bit of a “transition period” of her life (for lack of a better word) with starting college and coming out of her first serious relationship. As a sixteen year old, spoken advice gets old really quickly, so this book provides the absolute perfect solution to that – it’s bound to cheer up a fed-up teenager, the eleven year old fretting about joining high school, a child who’s moving to a new town or basically anybody who likes practical advice such as “If you want a kitten, start by asking for a horse.”

We were very kindly provided with a preview copy of the Wise Words book, which we had customised to suit its recipient. She reads this blog from time to time too, so if you are having a nosy at this Emily, hello and you’re still not getting this until Christmas Day. We added some of our own advice, as well as some of the pre-written ones which we loved.

The book is obviously printed to order and it arrived very quickly. The quality of it is fantastic – it feels really lovely. I know it’s a book and that’s weird, but it does feel fabulous. The pages really pop with colour and as an added bonus, you get a free digital copy with the purchase of a physical book so that it can be shown off on a tablet.

Wes and I are super pleased with how this turned out and we’re pretty confident that it will help cheer our littlest sister up when life is just a bit much. You can create whatever kind of advice you want; motivational, funny, downright naughty if you wanted to be really unpopular with the parents of your intended recipient!

Sounds good! How much is it though?

With paperback versions starting from £19.95, there are also hardback and deluxe versions of the physical copies. If books aren’t really their thing though, you can get a digital only copy for just £7.95.

The Wise Words series is a triumph – an excellent, unique gift that will be a favourite with anyone who receives it. So happy with it are we that we are giving one lucky reader the chance to bag their own paperback book of Wise Words just in time for the festive season! To enter, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below.

The Book of Everyone Wise Words Giveaway!

The giveaway is open until midnight on 17th December 2016 with the winner being drawn on 18th December. This way, you can get your book shipped before Christmas and make for an extra special, personal present.

Best of luck!

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